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Do you believe people can change if they love someone?

Interesting question. IMO It depends entirely on the premise you're coming from. For instance, does love change you from a meat eater to a vegan? does love change you from a narcissist to non narcissist? or from a democrat to a republican? from an avid smoker to a non smoker? from a communist to a capitalist?

Also before I continue allow me to present an entirely different way of looking at it--Should people change because they're in love? or Should you expect people to change just because they're in love?

It's a known fact that when you're really in love with someone, of course you try to be the best you can be for that individual. Because it goes without saying that you want that person to love you back and keep loving you back for a long time. You learn what that person likes and osmotically it starts to grow on you. We are humans after all and one of oir greater traits is adaptabilty.

I wouldn't exactly call that being "changed" by love, though. It is more or less an adaptation. What happens in love--or rather what I feel should happen--is that you adapt to each other. exploring each other's mind and psyche and adopting the beautiful traits you find. And this is, in fact, to an extent, inevitable.

Others, of course, might see it as a "change". But it is a gradual subtle and osmotic sort, and, as I'll show, there's still a deeper more profound type that is actually "change" in a more sudden and utter sense of the word. And when I ask that "Should love 'change' you," I refer to this kind of complete, sudden and utter change.

Now any kind of change of course must have a prior state, and then a final state. And most importantly an agent/catalyst that brings about this change. Think of it as sort of a chemical reaction where matter is changing from one state to another. The energy required--known as activation energy in chemistry--is dependent on how strong the catalyst is relative to the reactants, And in this case we assume our catalyst is love. Now what I'm saying in earnest is that a person might very well change from being a smoker to a non smoker if that person is in love with a spouse who doesn't want a smoker, but he or she is only going to do that if and only if his or her love/ affinity for smoking is less than his or her love for the other person.

And of course if the reverse happens to be the case--i.e the love for cigarrates is greater--then I can assure you that change is never going to happen and neither should it. It is an infinitely much more profitable and beautiful course, however, to find someone with whom you share the most drastic and important characteristics,

I say this, see, because many people with that belief that love can change people go into relationships with people whom they aren't even absolutely compatible with, hoping that the love will "change" them. This is not merely adaptation they're looking for, but utter and profound change. Most of the time this will not happen. And hearts will end up being broken and people end up being terribly hurt. Which is the price paid for having that hubristic and narcissitic conviction in the first place.

Love CAN make people adapt. And this is proprotional to the extent of that love relative to the behaviors to be shed. But nothing can really change love but a greater love. And love for things sometimes might be greater than love for people. This is a true fact.


Yes, someone who will fall in love unconditionally will definitely change, it can be both good and bad though. 

Me for example, when I was in high school, I fall in love easily but those were just teenage love. In a good way, I cherish those girls that I love and didn't expect in return, most of them didn't loved me back. In a bad way, sometimes you'll be taken for granted because they know that you will always be for them no matter what. 

When I got married, my wife which I definitely love with all of my heart is my first ever partner who has been with me for a very long time (4 years) as most of my past relationships didn't even last a year, I only had one who had been almost 2 years. 

Going back to my wife, in a good way, I learned lessons and matured greatly because of her. She taught me many things about life and people which I'm very thankful of. She made me do things I never thought I could like being unselfish (I'm a very selfish person).

In a bad way, since we already have 1 daughter, I get stress more often because of the bills to pay etc. Of course, there's also times when both of you argue or fight which is something I don't like because I don't want my daughter to see us fighting but still happens because of our differences. 


Yes, infact i don't think so i believe so. When you love someone then life will not only be about you anymore. It now involves another person and that changes everything. There are people who never cared about anyone but themselves but when love struck them, they became so hopelessly in love that they are willing to giveup everything including their own life for the one they love.

Love has been seen to change people in many ways. Their daily routines have had to change, their character has changed, behaviour, ideas and desires in life, even their style of dressing has changed. Many people have had to change many aspects of their lives just draw the attention or impress the ones they love. Most people out there try everything just to make the ones they love to smile all the time and because of that many things are bound to change.

If love cannot change someone then i doubt if any other thing can...


People can only change if they want to change. Loving someone or not loving someone won't make a person change if he/she doesn't want to change. Change comes from a desire. Until someone realizes that certain aspects of his/her life needs improvement and consciously strive to make such improvement, nothing can be done to make such a person see the need for a change

Loving someone may make someone change only if the person realize that such change would help enhance the love and the relationship. Though, the person still have to see the need for the change.


Yes I do. If you fall in love with someone you will change without even knowing it. You will do things which you wouldn't have done before. Instead of putting yourself first your partners needs will come first.

Certain things that were important to you will feel less important now and you will compromise . You become less selfish and more thoughtful. These subtle changes are things you do out of instinct and show you love someone.


Yes it sure can.

It has the Power  to do so.

It is a feeling that only can be explained once anybody fall in love with someone. Yeah it might sound weird but it is the truth. The feeling of being one another and caring about the person the person that you love is indeed very special. 

Once you start to love someone you will see the change in your self automatically. As because it has the divine feeling of it. It purifies a soul and allows you to change yourself into something better but yeah if it is that true love that we are speaking of.

So basically yes it can change a person.