Which one of these two is more difficult to do. Forgiving someone or forgetting what they have done??

For me is forgetting what they have done. Some things can never be forgotten, how hard you try. 

I've learned not to live with hatred and thinking of revenge because that's something that eats you up, consumes your energy and nothing good can come out of that. Obviously each case is different and you can't generalize, in some cases you can't control how you feel. In some cases it may take a wile for you to be able to live with what's happened.  

I try to move on, change my life, do different things and be around people that help me, not bring me down, which means I forgive people. But also means I don't trust them any more and in some cases I don't want to see them any more, don't want to have anything to do with them. 


Without a doubt, it is forgetting what they have done.

I think this is a very common characteristics of us, humans!. We can forgive but do not always forget.

So far I have noticed that whenever I forgive someone for a crime or an offense, I would immediately go back to it in case the same person does another offense. And in most cases would cite the previous incident to this said person.

I think this is a common characteristics among humans.


Forgetting what they have done is the most difficult. I realized that even after forgiving someone of hurt done to me, I sometimes remember the hurt whenever I see them and I start behaving very cautious around them. Forgetting hurt is very difficult because such hurt gets registered in our memories. Though with time, we get to both forgive and forget; but forgetting takes longer time


It's easier to forgive the person whondid you wrong. Forgetting what they did though is a different thing. I myself keep those in my mind for the fear of experiencing the emotions all over again. I hate the deed, not the doer. I never forget what happened because those are lessons that made me who I am today.


In my opinion it is not possible to forget. You might forgive. But never forget.


If you forgive then it's easier to forget. When you forgive your heart calms down and there is no ill feeling.