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Do you believe in miracles?Why??

I believe in miracles because i have once being saved my miracle,few years ago i had a tragic accident and all

the doctors said i cannot survive it because they have done all their best to revive my health conditions but it seems not to be working,,infact i had to be carried out of

the country to meet the best doctors in the world to look into my health but when i was checked they found nothing while i kept on feeling alot of pains and my

health condition was becoming worse...so the final option my parents had then was to take me to a church in nigeria where the pastor of the church did

deliverance for me and guess what??the monent the pastor prayed for me i stopped feeling pains and my health became perfect instantly and i was shocked and

my parents were shocked too,,infact when i later went to the hospital to meet our family doctor to tell him about what just happened,the doctor was shocked and had to even follow me to the church the following week just to see the pastor that miraculously healed me...yeah i believe in miracles....

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Yes. I believe in miracles.

Miracles are God's special interventions in the life of men.

I have seen first hand miracles done in services that I have been in attendance. There are quite numerous but I'll narrate maybe one or two.

There's this lady who was new to our church then. You would call her and she sometimes didn't respond. Little did we know that she had an impairments in one of her ears.

Well, it happened we had an healing meeting one day and our pastor asked that those needing a miracle should come on. She was one of them. Pastor prayed for her stopping her ears with his hand.

Latee when she was came to give her testimony, she said she felt something hot in her ears as pastor prayed for her. She can hear with both her ears now.

I remember vividly when our pastor had asked someone to stopper the other ear and another person whispered into the other. She responded by shouting 'Jesus!' She was shocked that the other ear had started working again.

Another time, just about a week ago, a brother came to our healing meeting with crutches. Our man of God laid hands on him and he began walking without the aid of the crutches. One thing was still evident though, one leg was shorter than the other. Our man of God asked for two chairs and both of he and the brother sat on them. He began praying for the short leg and to God's glory it grew out.

Miracles are real and they still happen till this day!


Miracles are real and are super-natural or beyond human comprehension,,i have seen some people that

were miraculously cured of a disease and some other illnesses...

,miracles are real if you believe in it,,the almighty GOD also has the powers to miraculously change the life of a person from bad to good,,

there are some people that GOD uses to perform miracles in the lives of we humans so yeah miracle is

real because i have experienced some personal miracles before and i have

also witnessed miracle that happened to some other people too..