In your culture, can you marry into a family in which a sibling of yours is already married into?

Well to the best of my knowledge there's nothing about my culture that says people can't get married to a family that your sibling has already married into. I'm from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria and if you ask me, as long as both families are ok with it then the two people involved can get married.

Igbo people are very picky about the people they marry, well most tribes in Nigeria are, but the Igbos are notorious for only accepting other Igbo people, sometimes it'll have to be someone who's from the same state and village as you are. The fact that your sibling is married to someone in that same family won't be an issue as long as both families approve it.

We Igbos will be more concerned about what tribe we're marrying into and less about how many people marry from or into the same family. I don't know about other cultures like the yorubas, the hausas, the Ibibios and so on, but as for the Igbos, we don't have a problem with it whatsoever.

Well, thinking about it again, I can't speak for all Igbo tribes, there are quite a few in nigeria and each have their own cultures and beliefs, but I can tell you that as for the Igbo tribe of Ogbolieke, in Onitsha, Anambra state, Nigeria, the culture permits you to marry into the same family as one of your siblings.

I hope this helps.


As we all know that culture is a total way of life and our culture varies differently from each other. There are some people that may end up being treated badly such that they are despise by their family and friends just because they fail to follow their culture. I am sure there will be some cultures which may prohibit marrying from a family in which one of your siblings might have married from.

As for me, it's a different case because I can marry into any family in which one of my siblings married from. I believe that anyone who is truly in love will focus more on being with their loved ones.

In conclusion, I don't think my culture prohibits such act even though we have more people doing such things over here.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


In my culture, it is seen as forbidden to marry into the same family as your sibling. No explicit reason is given for this, it is just seen as a taboo. I am of the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. 

Albeit, some argue that it is our belief that once a child marries into a family, the two families are automatically seen or believed to become one, hence, "you cannot marry from within your family".


I don't think there's anything wrong in marrying into a family that one's sibling has already married into. It's very allowed in my culture and in most cultures around the world. What most cultures consider as a taboo regarding such marriages is marrying someone that that is directly related to you, anything order than that is allowed


Even though it is not an abomination in my culture neither is it going against the will of my culture. But I think there are many more families out there of which I can marry from than that which my sibling is already married from.

So it is not a bad thing doing that but I don't think personally I will be able to do that. Thank you for the nice question. See you around soon.

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It is actually about to happen to me because my fiancee is from the same family that my immediate brother got married to,,at first i was very scared that it might be against my culture and i do not want to loose my relationship with my partner......

it was later that i got informed from my mother that marrying into a family that my immediate brother married to may sound weird to some people in our society but it is not against the culture of where i come from....i felt relieved after hearing that....

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My culture forbids that.

There are so many men and women out there, you mustn't marry into the same family your sister did or marry from the same your brother married from.

I still dont know what kind of sin is that yet, but i know that they say that it's wrong.

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My culture forbids this!

According to my culture, marriage is more like adopting another family thus in-laws are seen as family members.

So, me marrying someone from the in-laws family of my sibling is interpreted as me marrying a family member like my sibling or cousin for example you would say. Thus, it is forbidden!