What is your favorite song ever?

Mehn, I love lots of songs and it's hard to pick one. But anyways, I love Try by Pink any time, any day. The song inspires me a lot especially when I try to give up which I do a lot of times, lol.. It is my favorite work music as well. I never get tired of listening to it even after all these years..


I like this song, very good song!


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I love loves of songs,Christian worship songs most especially and few secular songs. I love the hymns "How great thy art" it reminds me so much of God's faithfulness and goodness upon our lives and I draw so much strength from it.


I was thinking you will ask what are your favorite songs ever because I have actually listened to lots of music and I tend to like them most times. But since you are actually requesting for a particular song, I will say mine is "My Heart Will Go On" sang by Celine Dione. I am actually a cool person who loves to think a lot about solving problems and I sometimes read or write articles. This is actually why I am mostly in love with blues music (slow and cool music genres).

I tend to love the music more because it makes me remember one of my best love film ever which is "Titanic". This music instrumental was used in the most viewed and emotional moment in the titanic scene and I tend to remember the movie anytime I listen to my favorite song which was sang by Celine Dione.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Actually I have a lot of favorite songs that I listen to very often on my cellphone, among them are rap music that is often sung by one of the Indonesian rapper, young lex. I like almost all the songs performed by the Indonesian rapper, because almost everything sung by young lex is very good to hear for those of you who like rapper music. Almost all the songs in my music gallery are filled with Indonesian rapper songs such as young lex, ecko show, and several other Indonesian rapper musicians.

And besides rapper music, I also really like pop music sung by famous Indonesian musicians, one of which is Peterpan, Anji and several other Indonesian musicians. My interest in songs brought by Indonesian musicians is not for reasons, but because almost all of the songs sung by musicians who like it are very happy, I heard when I was out of work or when I was off work. In addition to the songs that are very good to hear, most of the songs can also get us carried away while singing songs sung by the Indonesian musicians.

And the other songs that I really like to listen to are songs that are sung by English and American musicians, I am very happy to listen to the songs that were sung by them because besides the music which is very nice to hear, I also listen to listening from the song the song that I like is so that my English is getting better thanks to listening to the songs sung by the musicians from England and America. I can speak English like now also often listen to songs sung by English musicians that I often make as my listening material when I study English.


I love the song 'Perfect' by ed Sheeran , That song is so amazing, but I love many more songs it's hard to pick up, like I love Bollywood songs, specially sufi songs!