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How many books do you plan to read this year? Any recommendations?

As an aspiring author, I have to read lots of books every year. I have a library packed with good books and I hope to be able to read at least twenty of them before the year runs out.

It's actually not difficult to read if you give it time. It only takes few hours a day and in few days, you can be done reading. It's possible to read two books every month. I eventually have people as friends who have read a book every week. It's dependent on the passion you have for reading.

I don't read books, I devour them. It's like a lion feasting on that prey whose meat tastes the best in its mouth. That was how reading 'An Ember in the ashes' felt like to me. I finished the book during the Christmas period and I didn't regret it at all. You should try reading that one.

There's also the series of Harry Potter if you haven't read that already. I'm planning to reading the Divergent series. I haven't read them yet. I hope to do so, all of them before February runs out.

Reading really helps shape ours minds and improve our vocabulary. There are also some motivational books and spiritual literature I gave earmarked for January. I will most certainly finish those ones.

I have a catalogue of good books. They number in the hundreds. I could give some to you if you are interested.


I'm just going to go with a minimum of one book a month because I am so busy trying to build my steem brand. Currently reading November 9 by Collen Hover. Just gone past the second chapter. It is seeming like an interesting book. So maybe you can check it out.