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How to educate kids about food?
It's no secret that our children are not eating as healthily as they could be. We, as parents, can try to help them be eat healthier, but with the plethora of television ads for sweets and the availability of it in the stores, it is an uphill battle. So what to do? How do we tackle this ever growing issue?

Adopting kids in healthy diet is a challenge for every parents. But we have to do that for their betterment, there is no other way. Today's kids are much more smart than us and they have their own choices and argument. So to deal with them and making them eat healthy food is a tough task.  

I am a mother of a toddler. And I used to give him healthy and organic food as possible. It was not that much hard for me, as I did not get him known with other junk and sweet food. So here is my advice-

1. Try it from the beginning: At the very early age, try to give them healthy and home made food. No matter how taste less they are. Do not add suger with any of it. They will adjust with the taste eventually.

2. Teach them to listen to you: This is the most important thing. Teach them from the very beginning that they have to listen to you. And you are the one who know which is good for them.

3. Let them know how harmful unhealthy food is: Give them the basic knowledge about the truth, how those food made and why they are unhealthy and what is the health issues would be if they intake it. 

4. Do not give them junk food no matter how much they cry for it: When you go outside, try to carry home made food. Do not give them junk food for your time shortage or for availability of those food. Once you start to give them those, they will never listen to you again.

5. Set example and give reward: You also have to eat healthy. Give them a hug or a mini chocolate if they finish their food. 

6. Give them the life lesson about unhealthy food: Give them the knowledge how the junk food company run, why they what us to have us those food, whats their benefits. You may thought it would not work, or the kids would not get it. But believe me they are genius. They will eventually realize it.

I do not give any kind of chips or sweet to my kid. It may sounds abnormal or not true, but it is very true. And his teeth is very healthy for this reason. 

You have to be patient to get them in line. But if you follow to not give them such unhealthy food for long, they will eventually adopt with the fact. It is better to grow such habits from the childhood. I follow a technique- when my kid wants to have junk food or chips, I used to say him his teeth are gonna hurt if he intake that and there will be visible germ in his teeth which will punch in his gum. And it works. You can follow that. 

Your continuous try will give you the positive result that's what I believe.    


The first thing is that I guess parents have to show examples of eating healthily. Children tend to really look up to what parents get them. Usually they don't have that much money to buy food themselves.

If they got addicted and are addicted to food, then it may take some time to really remove those habits. The first thing is to make sure that in the fridge there isn't anything that is sweet and are processed. Processed food is somehow more addictive. Nowadays I think kids are both addicted to their handphones and fast food. This is a combo for disaster that would one day create a disaster.

I think if the kid is unhealthy the parents need to deal with this slowly and not to do it too harsh in one go to avoid any aggression by the kid. Usually it's hard for the child to suddenly have his or her food taken away. It takes a lot of patiences


if I'm a parent, the first thing I do is tell the child about foods that contain high nutrition. I will tell him that foods that are good for consumption are foods that contain protein, vitamins, fiber, and others.

and I will also tell him what kind of food will damage health like candy. I will tell him that if he always consumes sweets, then his teeth will be damaged over time. indeed I can't prevent him from eating sweets at all. I'm sure he must really want candy sometimes. but I must say that he should not overeat candy.