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Do you have any children who have experienced earlypuberty -- girls who are under 8 or boys under age 9 -- if so, what did you do?

A good question!!

Thee was time that children dont experience early puberty but nowaday the world is now experiencing early puberty and there is nothing to be done than to accept it . But there are ways parent can handle the situation.  Being a nurturing and supportive parent will help sets the stage for your child to accept your involvement throughout her teen years. 

You child early puberty  could make them self-conscious, even ashamed of her body.  Though early puberty is more common on girl than the boys. You can help with this listed below:

 * Try putting out books about puberty for your children to read and use them as a conversation starter. 

* After some week you can ask the children on what they learn about the book but keep it in mind that parent and child conversations are not over after one chat, but should take place over time.  

*  Be rest assured to let your chil;dren know about wwhat the book is talking about 

* Tell the children  to come to you whenever he or she needs you. 

Lastly, the parent to keep thorough watch on the child development.

Hope i have answered your question?

Thank for reading!!

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I started experiencing puberty at 9/10years old and it wasn't easy for me to cope with the changes because most of my mates at such age haven't started to see puberty

So for a child below 8/9 I will say that's pretty young and I have seen such cases only in females and not males

The parent and guardian of such a child should try to be best friends of them and teach them everything to know

I do think the introduction of more GMO into the market is a great cause of early puberty I may be wrong though