Is it lawful for the administration of a nation to keep an eye on it's natives?

Buy this are you suggesting a measure or technological device that can be able to monitor people both privately and publicly? Well it can be lawful depending on the kind of constitution used by a particular country for example some systems of government grants their country total sovereignty over everybody in the state and sometimes the government takes decision that may affect the human rights of their citizen but most of the times it is always as a result of national security so in my opinion here is that it can be lawful if the government decides to make it lawful.

I believe this is the only way a nation can keep watchful eyes on their citizens and if this is what you mean in the long run, then I want to tell you that this measure has its advantages and it also has its disadvantages too but first of all I'll start by telling you the advantages.

The advantages to this is that it can ensure national security and protection of citizens this is because the government can be able to monitor the activities of everybody both private and their public activities, and also the rate of crime will be reduced you must know that sometimes the government makes unlawful decisions and measures just for the greater good, and that is why they have the characteristics of maintaining sovereignty so if this particular measure would guarantee national security and reduce the rate of crime especially in a country that has a high crime rate I don't think the government would consider the infringement on people's right to their private lives in order to make this decision so just to speak for the government the advantage of this measure is that it can guarantee national security.

one of the disadvantages is that it is very unlawful based on the fact that people's right to private personal life is being infringed on. It is actually written in most countries constitution that citizens deserves private personal life however if the government employees such a measure to watch people then this will be taking off there fundamental human rights. However if it will be for their safety then the government wouldn't even consider it unlawful rather they will take the action in order to protect lives and property