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What new TV shows for this fall season are you looking forward to watching?

Oh boy all my favourite TV shows are coming back on air this fall!!!! Starting pretty soon with the flash!!!! Well here are a list of all my favourite TV shows that are coming on air this fall

1. The flash: Season 5 starts today, October 9th, 2018

2. Black lightning: Season 2 starts October 9th, 2018

3. Super girl: Season 4 starts October 14th, 2018

4: Legends of tomorrow: Season 4 starts October 22nd, 2018

5. Arrow: Season 7 starts October 15th, 2018

6. How to get away with murder: New season starts September 27th, 2018

7. Supernatural: New season starts October 11th, 2018

That's just about it, I'm a huge DC comics fan so that's why I put them up first. I hope you find this useful!!!