What do you tell a young child who asks you if Santa Claus is real?

It's very important to keep a child's imagination alive because it's important for their development, so I'd probably tell him that santa Claus is definitely real, I'd tell him that I even saw and talked to Santa before just so that I don't shorten his childhood. To me part of being a child is being free from the truths about life and just being able to exist in the wonderful bubble that is your imagination.

There's no reason why I should tell him/her that Santa isn't real, my mom and dad didn't tell me about it when I was a kid and although I eventually found out later that it wasn't true, I still remember how it felt on Christmas Eve night, waiting to see if I'll hear anybody climb down the chimney.

Well that was when I was abroad, in Nigeria nobody believes in Santa Claus, but if I raise my kids in Nigeria and they ask me if santa Claus is real, I'll still tell them that he is. They deserve to be able to believe in things like this too.

When they come of age, I'll let them know the truth myself, but until then I'll keep the secrets of Santa Claus and the north pole to myself. They deserve to be kids for as long as they can because once you start to grow up, life can get really ugly.


As a child, the Christmas season really excites me, thes due to the reasons like: cold weather, gifts, and Santa Claus. These gave me a happy childhood.

And for that reason alone, I wouldn't deprive a child for the kind of happiness that they will have knowing about these things to be true. You can be a child once in your life so might as well be the child that your are supposed to be.

So to reiterate, I would say "yes" to a child when I was asked if Santa is real🎄


I just tell them yes. In this world I like to let kids stay as inocent as they can for as long as they can. If that means letting them believe in Santa for another day then yes, let them believe. 


You lie through your teeth and say yes.

It is not up to you to tell the child that Father Christmas is fake. the parents have to be the ones to break bad news.

Breaking a kids heart and smashing his dreams is not cool. until he finds out for real from his parents or friends it is best to keep fantasies alive in children. Try and keep them young for as long as possible.

These are exiting times for a child and to have it broken away by a mean person is just not right.