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What is the most expensive Halloween costume you have ever bought or created?

Some years back there was a local convention that ran around Halloween time, usually the weekend after or the weekend of. Because of that, it was really common for a lot of attendees to test their costumes at Halloween parties or trick-or-treating to make sure they were functional or comfortable.

I built the entire costume myself. Old pants that I distressed myself, a shirt I custom printed some iron on patches for to decorate, a lab coat from a medical place that I dyed and decorated with more patches. A wig that I had to cut and customize myself, and as the character had horns as well I had to custom make the horns from polymer clay, bake and paint them, then secure them to the headband and make sure they fit through my wig so I was essentially using the headband to hold my hair back under the wig and secure the wig in place as well.

I also had to get body paint for my exposed skin - my arms from the elbows down and my face/neck and a little bit of my chest because of the shirt. Plus custom prescription contacts.

All in all at least $100 and 50-60 hours of work counting drying time with dye jobs and creating a distressed look using coffee and having to wash the various bits after dying and distressing and applying the patches so the patches looked worn instead of fresh and pristine. But I wore that costume two Halloweens in a row and to about 4 different conventions over those two years so it was very worth it :)


Well I've only ever experienced Halloween once so the costume I had back then is the only one I've ever had. A couple of years ago, my family and I travelled to the US because my mom needed to get some chemotherapy for her cancer and it was advised that she had loved ones beside her while she was going through it.

Well on that faithful day, we all had our various costumes, my younger brother was a power ranger, my sister was a witch and my elder brother was the flash. I opted for the more traditional role of a skeleton. My costume was basically a Spandex jumpsuit with glow in the dark plastic which had been shaped into bones and glued on to the Spandex jumpsuit.

It was really cool because at night, I literally looked like a walking skeleton. I'm not sure exactly how much my mom got the costumes for us, but one thing I do remember is scaring the shit out of alot of people as we went trick or treating.

I actually augmented the costume a little bit by cutting out horns from some old plastic buckets that where in our house and sticking then on the mask I was wearing. The horns weren't as visible as the glowing skeleton but anytime people got close enough, they could see them clearly and that added to their fear.

I hope this helps.