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How can meditation make a person grow?

Meditation is an ancient practice that has been practiced by people all around the world for many years.

Although in some cases and cultures it is seen only as a spiritual practice it is actually helpful for anyone in many ways.

For example mediation can help one in anger management because when one meditates the mind calms itself and brings more awareness for the practitioner.

It can also improve ones attention and ability to focus on what really matters because meditation is giving your full attention to yourself and observe your mind and whatever comes out of it.

It can also help relive stress due to its abilities of calming the mind and taking the attention of the mind from what eats its energy every day.

Meditation can be very helpful also when taking important decisions because when one meditates enters a calm state in which can listen to his intuition and his deep feeling better.

From my experience meditation is also a good replacement for sleeping pills. Only 15 minutes of meditation before going to bed and you feel disconnected from all  the burdens accumulated during the day and feel like falling asleep very quickly. 

Last but not least meditation is an important too in connecting us with our inner Self, our divinity and facilitate us the communion with what we call God, which the essence of everything. 

Meditation has many benefits from relieving psychological pain, to become more relaxed and in control of our mind and feelings to become a spiritual person and feel what divinity is. 

Hope my answered helped in any way and wish you a great Saturday!


First of all, it must be stated that there are different types of growth - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. While a healthy diet largely brings about physical growth, meditation primely helps us grow in the three other aspects.

Indeed Meditation brings about clarity to the mind by embracing the fundamentals which it encompasses. Meditation helps us reflect and focus on the growth inducers like reflection, introspection, and concentration.

It positions our mental state - our most important state for maturity.

One who meditates daily is likely to find balance in all aspects of life which is the key to a life of satisfaction