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Why do some kids have bald head at a very young age?

Baldness is something that is becoming very common nowadays. Even young people are getting bald too soon. There are various factors that can contribute to baldness. The below are some of the points that can be applicable for both kids as well as well grown adult. 

Genetic Reasons

This is quite commonly seen reason why people get bald. If your father and grandfather is have a bald head, then there is a greater chance that you can also become a bald head. This can hit people in a very young age, if they don't take good care of their hair. Some kids might see symptoms in their young age but they don't really pay attention to it and end up losing their hair gradually. 

Food habit

Food habit is responsible for various metabolic changes in the body. Hair being one the main thing in the body, it should be given a good care. Some people might have a weird food habit from their very young age. That can possibly be one of the main reason for hair fall. I have a person in my family who lost all his hair in the body suddenly in his young age because of consuming something that he was not supposed to eat. Though it was not an intentional thing, it was quite shocking for us to see that a food item can completely change your body's metabolism. 

Not taking good care

Dandruff and other hair related problem can be a major contributor for hair fall. Some people complicate their situation by thinking that they are trying to help solve the hair fall problem and end up losing their hair too soon. This can be considered as over caring. It is also dependent on one's hair. Some people might have lots of hair fall if they take head bath regularly and for some people if they don't take head bath regularly, they see lots of hair fall. 


This problem hits most of the people who don't sleep properly during the night time. If there is no proper sleep, it leads to a technical heat imbalance in the body thus leading to health complications. People will especially need a good night sleep to keep the body metabolism regulated. For people working in IT and even kids who study late night without proper sleep, this can be a big problem. 

Medical conditions

As an after effect of any operation or surgery someone undergoes, there can be hair fall. People don't usually realize the metabolic changes happening in the body after any surgery. Some people become either obese or they tend to get more hair fall than the usual. This could even be because of the medicines they take after their surgery. We can also see people complaining about hair fall during pregnancy. 


Everyone will mostly agree with me that stress can be a great contributor for hair fall. We might think that how would it be possible that kids can have stress. But more than adults kids undergo lots of stressful situations in their life every single day. In adults the stress will be visible but in kids they heal automatically with the distractions they have in  their life. For some people hair fall becomes one of the most evident outcome of stress. This can even be seen in kids. 

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There is varied medical causes behind youngsters losing hair, particularly youngsters aged twenty six months and on top of.

1. Tinea Capitis:

Commonly called tinea of the scalp, this can be a mycosis. It will surface as scaly patches of hair loss on the top, either spherical or oval. Hair shafts could also be broken off at the surface of the scalp and correspond black dots.

Pediatricians prescribe:

Oral antifungal treatment and

Using associate degree antifungal shampoo to decrease shedding of the flora.

It is contagious; avoid sharing any objects that are available in contact with the child’s head.

2. baldness Areata:

It is a non-contagious condition, caused by the body’s system assaultive the hair follicles. It additionally surfaces as slick/smooth, spherical or oval patches of hair loss, while not scaling or broken hairs. Some youngsters even have corroding and ridging of the nails. whereas there's no permanent cure, correct treatment will management the unwellness. Some cases make baldness totalis or complete loss of hair, whereas others cause baldness universalis or total loss of hair.

3. Trichotillomania:

Hair loss is caused by youngsters actuation, plucking, twisting, or rubbing their hair. Patches ar usually seen on the aspect of the child’s dominant hand. usually|this can be} often triggered by stress or anxiety within the child’s setting. direction is that the best approach to rectify the supply that triggered the habit.

4. Telogen effluvium:

It is a condition within which fast or severe stress interrupts the traditional cycle of hair growth. this could be caused due to:

extremely high fever

surgery underneath anaesthesia

the death of a dearest

a severe injury

due to sure medications

In this case, the hair follicles stop growing untimely and enter the resting part. after it results in excessive hair loss, leading to partial or complete phalacrosis. it's no treatment. Once the disagreeable event is over, full hair growth sometimes returns inside six months to a year


Male pattern baldness, or alopecia, isn't only an issue for grown-ups. Male pattern baldness in youngsters is in charge of an expected 3% of pediatric office visits in the U.S. Regardless of whether your kid has diminishing hair or particular uncovered spots, the loss of hair can be unnerving. Fortunately, with an appropriate finding, most instances of male pattern baldness can be dealt with effectively.

Therapeutic Causes of Hair Loss in Children

For the dominant part of youngsters 26 months or more established enduring balding, one of the accompanying conditions is the reason. Your youngster's pediatrician or a pediatric dermatologist ought to have the capacity to analyze these conditions and endorse the fitting treatment.

Tinea capitis. Tinea capitis, usually known as ringworm of the scalp, is a contagious contamination regularly found in kids. It can appear in various ways, however regularly as textured patches of male pattern baldness on the head. The patches are more often than not round or oval. The hairs might be severed at the surface of the skin and look like dark spots on the scalp.


I am starting to lose my hair now but then I am 50. I have seen younger people who are in their early thirties with very thin hair.

I think a lot has got to do with genes. Hereditary passed on from generation to generation. If your dad is bald then it is highly likely you don't stand a chance and will be bald too.

Shampoos. Certain shampoos could be damaging your hair and need to get advice on what is good for you and what isn't. People need to take care and notice what is helping.

Thyroid. I know people who have thyroid issues lose their hair as well.   Alopecia is an autoimmune  condition that is a tell tale sign you need to see a doctor to check your thyroid. It is a condition which thins out hair resulting in baldness.

Stress is another cause for hair loss.