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What is the Life Span of Dogs ?

This is a very common but definitely an interesting question. 

Short answer: 10 - 15 yrs.

Long answer: Dogs are an excellent companion for human beings. The life span of dogs differ from one breed to another. They usually live for nearly 10 to 15 years. I have not heard of any dogs living beyond this age limit. This life span is very nominal compared to that of other species. 

It is also believed that the more we breathe the life span also reduces. We can compare this with Tortoise. We will be able to see that Tortoise breaths not more than 3 times in a minute. This is one of the secret behind longevity of tortoise and turtles. On the other hand, dogs strain a lot in breathing lots of times in a minute. Every breath we take is taking us towards the graveyard. 


The life expectancy of your dogs relies on how you feed and deal with your pooch.

It can likewise live over 12 years in the event that you feed your dogs and deal with its needs and fundamental issue happens in a dog other than nourishment is partition nervousness and it is an illness which goes to a puppy when your dog is desolate! So observe to that your puppy isn't lonely and endeavor to invest energy with your dog

Also, on the off chance that you can't do it simply satisfy its my demand don't purchase a puppy and make that dog endure !!

My companion said this really he knows more than me and endeavor to purchase ORIJEN (puppy nourishment) than family or other dogs sustenances.

Furthermore, something else on the off chance that you adore your canine you will deal with the dog consequently and it will love to live with you for a long time…


Dogs!! Who don't love dogs? I think 90%-95% people in the world love dogs but most of them can't keep them as pet just because of short of time to look after and money.

I'm a dog lover and in my life I had two dogs and both of them died 15 years. One was a pure Bangladeshi breed and another one was a German Shepherd's cross breed with Bangladeshi breed. I was expecting the cross breed of German Shepherd to live long but it died just before 5 months to 15 years. Both of them were male and they were together for 8 years.

According to biological science the life span of a dog is 10-13 years. But there are some dogs that have long life span than most others. I'm just telling the name of three species of them with life span.

Among them Mexican Chihuahua has the longest life span of average of 15-20 years. 

Yorkshire Terriers can live an average of 17-20 years 

The average life time of Pomeranian has 12-16 years

Jack Russel Terrier Can Live an average of 13-16 years

Thank you all for reading and hope you have got a satisfactory answer.