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Do you know what the average life expectancy is?
71 yrs old... WTF!!! That can't be right. Is it? (Source) https://bit.ly/2nASNIV

It's a statistical average of how long a living organism would be expected to live, barring accident or premature death. If you are talking about humans the general life expectancy is 80.3 years according to the  Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. This is a general average and most researchers who use life expectancy break life expectancy down into demographic factors such as gender and country of residence.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life_expectancy


The average life expectancy depends on different factors like location, gender and other things. I guess you are surprised by what you saw online. We live in a kind of world where new things that can kill human is coming up day after day although scientists areare looking for solutions to every problem but I can tell you that this solution comes with another problem that can kill a man.


Regarding human needs, Abraham Maslow categorizes human needs into five types. Five kinds of needs are five human expectations, namely:

• Hope to survive

• Hope for security

• Hoping to have the right and obligation to love and be loved

• Hope to obtain status or be accepted or recognized by the environment

• Hoping to get manifestations and ideals.

1. Manifestation of Hope in Art

Humans in an effort to fulfill what is expected to channel these needs through their work or work. It can be through works of art in the form of films, dances, paintings, literary works, music, and so on. Here we will explain the problem in the art of music.

2. Hope through painting

Sometimes there are also people who manifest their hopes through a painting, usually because expectations that always overlap with their thoughts, make someone vent them through painting. For example like someone who is eager to go on a pilgrimage, but still not until now.

3. Hope through literary works

Many people also realize their hopes through literary works, for example, someone who really hopes for something but still can't make it happen, usually someone who has artistic passion with a spirit of creativity will

4. Hope through music

Nowadays more and more works are appearing in the world of music, whether it's from pop, jazz, dangdut, keroncong, rock or other types of music.

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The purpose of human life, will always branch out, even though when a person steps to determine the direction of the goal, it will be displayed in front of new goals. Today has become a vocabulary of wisdom that is inherent in the dictionary of our lives. Not also as a series of words of life that require interpretation. If only the interpretation of the meaning and purpose of human life is different, then the differences can be compromised through giving meaning to every event that occurs in human life. The transliteration process of the true meaning into the mind frame will eventually form a different meaning from the concept of life. This is the rail that will bridge the concept of purpose and human life. By sharing this writing, I invite you, let us set aside a moment, how to interpret and determine the direction of our life in general. Hopefully this article can please the hearts of all readers. May be useful!

The meaning of human life is contained in the structure of this life. The purpose of human life in general is a search for meaningfulness of life in order to provide service to humanity. The search for meaning makes it into the journey with certain trajectories of various kinds of human personality. This personality was born due to human construction of him in response to the surrounding environment. It is undeniable that expectations and reality provide an important role that builds the vision of a person's life so that whatever obstacles he is experiencing can be overcome by wise actions and inspire others so as not to quickly fall into the abyss of despair. آ ذ كر كم then remember Me, I remember you ".

Undeniably, the effort to get the meaning of the purpose of human life to achieve happiness can certainly make our life energy drained. But we don't need to worry, every human being has the potential to give each other reciprocity in the form of love and affection for others. If only someone was in a state of sadness with his accomplishments that were not in line with his expectations, then you should instill strong motivation by remembering who has bestowed life on him, because in this way He will always remember His servants who put their trust in His way towards happiness of the world and the hereafter. Therefore, humans should always be patient and trustworthy in navigating the journey of life.

The meaning of life is the disclosure of the identity of human life to achieve eternal life and release mortality in itself, meaning the surrender of itself to all provisions before, being and will occur. Anyone who is accustomed to traversing the deepest canyons of the valleys or able to climb high mountain peaks, of course those who have been able to experience it will laugh at the complaints of someone who has felt exhausted which is only circling the yard of his house. And he will laugh more when someone is asked about the meaning of "suffering" in this life, but he is only able to talk at length with enthusiasm as if he is the only human who has the most experience and understanding what suffering is and what it means the purpose of human life.

It is not easy to determine the direction of the goal that makes a person feel comfortable in living life. For a Muslim it would be nice to follow the journey of life that has been exemplified by the Prophet sallallaahu'alaihi wasallam, deepen Islam and conduct a re-orientation of life, such methods are intended to recall the spirit of repairing mistakes that have been thorns when living life . Therefore, humans are required to dialogue with the difficulties that exist in the midst of their lives. This means that if someone is in trouble, he will deal with it by means that the difficulty is a closed door that must be opened, because if someone is able to open the door it can lead him to the door of happiness he has been looking for.

Achieving the meaning of life's purpose is a human journey through a little story that is felt and experienced in every situation and demands that he be wise in acting and provide an inspiring atmosphere when interacting with fellow human beings. The spirit of the resurrection welcomes the future that is beneficial for himself and those around him. That is what I can say in this article. Stay motivated through the dynamics of this life and don't give up easily in the face of any difficulties!

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The BPS survey shows that women's life expectancy is higher than that of men. Surveys conducted every year and in each province it shows similar results: the difference in life expectancy of women and men is four years adrift.

Based on the national average, the life expectancy of women is 73 years, and 69 years for men. But life expectancy for each region has a difference, especially in eastern Indonesia which has a lower life expectancy for men and women.

This difference can occur due to several things, such as a different lifestyle. Other research shows high life expectancy is also related to genetic factors. Towards the end of this year, one hope that can be offered in addition to increasing life expectancy. is an improvement in quality of life.