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How Do You Deal With Demotivation?

We have to approve that life is not a fairy tale. There are so many ups and downs that we may fall back. But to stay in the run we have to stay up and go for the race. 

Life struggle, not getting what we want, depression and thousands of other reasons are responsible for our every day Demotivation. As there are thousands of demotivating factors there are thousands of solution too. 

When I have to leave my job for a critical pregnancy, I was so depressed and demotivated to life that I could not express that it words. But I stood back and walk away from that. And motivated myself through some positive thinking. 

> The first thing to fight back demotivation is to understand the reason, what is making us demotivated. 

> Deal with your fear. Open up to yourself and make you understand if you do not get what you are supposed to get, that's would be fine. You will catch up another thing. 

> Live a healthy life. Take a good nap, read boos, pass time with friends and family.

> If possible talk about it with some of your belonging. They can give you the motivation you are looking for.

> Put together all of your power to give your best.

> Look for positive solution. 

> Meditate yourself to think positive and neglect negativity in all situation. 

> If possible listen to some popular motivational speaker and follow their rules.

Remember that you are human and can get demotivated but you have to run your own race for your betterment. So don't give up and keep yourself in a positive mood. It will help you to be motivated in life.  


Motivating yourself! De-motivation is normal, what we can't allow is for it to stay in our lives. So the ideal is that we take it out when we feel that it is enough. And you'll ask me when it's enough! When you feel your health and your spirit are at risk! 

Maybe a particular experience or a state in general can discourage us, but you can't carry your gray cloud around forever. It's not just bad for you, it's bad for the people around you.

The ideal is that if you are in that state, you can look for things that you like such as eating a candy, listening to music, going out for a walk. Sure this will help you not only refresh your soul, it will also make you see another color. 

Another way could be to write. It is known that from sad experiences have come incredible texts, maybe you are lucky enough to make a brilliant one.

Do not relate to people as unmotivated as you because this would aggravate more your state and the discomfort would become infinite. The ideal is that you look for company of positive people or if you want, you can isolate yourself a little, maybe this will help you to see what happens in you and your environment with another perspective.

Look for a job, something to do, something to occupy your mind. It is known that an idle mind does not think anything good. If your mind is busy, those negative and gray thoughts will surely be forgotten or at least postponed to the background.

As I said at the beginning, it is normal that at some point we feel unmotivated, this should not worry us, and tomorrow will be another day. Maybe you didn't give or see things clearly today, but surely tomorrow you will be able to see them differently and it will be a more productive day for you. Remember that if there is someone who deserves your support and your hug, you are yourself! do not abandon yourself!  


Demotivation the thrilling force that pushes me down. I mostly encounter this demotivation while am moving towards success. This world specially its people are the greatest demotivators. None can see you moving forward. None can see you successful. 

Often when I do encounter demotivation I just see what am doing why am doing and for whom am doing. 

Lets first move to the answer of the first question. What am doing? Its the question that explains  your task.

Once you get a clear explanation of your task what you are doing you do it more voluntarily. Actually the answer to this question gives me the real motivation that helps me stand against demotivation.

The second question why I am doing? 

Every person do a task for a reason. Mostly there is a profit of the person in doing that task. The answer to this question gives me the basic logic to perform my task. This gives me the way to the reward that I will get as a result of my work

This fills me up with the spirit the zeal the zest to do that work. It gives me an extra potential to make my way to success. Suppose while am studying as a girl a number of people discourage me from doing my studies but when I see toward the reward in future and get a motivation to do it.

The next question come to me for whom am doing? When I realise that I am doing all this for my own status for my own fame for my loved ones. How much you get demotivated you will buildup a zest to do more and more and finally your way towards success.

After this if i even don't get motivated I try to surround myself with people who are sincere with me

Who tell me not to lose hope. Who tell me what is good for me what is bad. Who tell me there are some people who care for me too after this even how much a person is demotivated he will not go into depression else he will get more stamina to for it!

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Some of the time you simply must be your very own team promoter. Set objectives both short and long haul and take activities towards accomplishing them. Individuals were intended to be profitable and when we will be we rest easy thinking about our very own esteem. 

Make a rundown of your abilities, aptitudes and wants. At that point paying little respect to your present conditions take activities that will enable you to accomplish them. Maybe you have to obtain or enhance a few abilities (from adapting aptitudes, to figuring out how to play out some errand). Open yourself to however much positive vitality as could reasonably be expected and dispose of or separate yourself from the negative. 

Tune in to inspiring music, take part in self consideration (possibly something as straightforward fragrance based treatment and an air pocket shower, or getting yourself a stroll in nature). Attestations, jests and statements said so anyone might hear frequently help rouse us..we do tune in to our own voice and absolutely need to take out any negative self-talk we might participate in. Life is a valuable blessing and you have some remarkable abilities that are intended to be utilized to make this world a more brilliant place..otherwise you would not be here. Keep in mind that we as a whole have down seasons