How to Start Vlogging?
Vlogging is something which is very popular now a days. How to start doing it. What things you need. How to make money. Share some tips and hacks!

Vlogging is similar to blogging, but in a different format. Vlogging entails making videos about what interests you (niche) and sharing it. While blogging entails writing, vlogging is all about videos. The difference between a vlog and a TV series is that a vlog can be watched at any time while the TV series goes off immediately after the show. And this is why a vlog or vlogging is preferable. Here are few tips to enable you start a successful Vlog:

Follow Successful Vloggers: If you want to be successful at it, you will need to follow other successful vloggers who are amazing at what they do. Watch them consistently and closely. Understand how they go about theirs, their style and manner of approach. Detect their flaws and work towards becoming better.

Find Your Niche: The next thing you want to do is to determine your niche. Your niche is a particular subject matter you probably are interested in and would love to focus on. It could be money making tips, relationship issues, career talks, parenting, or any other particular field of interest. The aim is to become so good at a particular thing that when people want to refer others to a particular issue, they can bring you up.

Get The Necessary Tools:Video making will require certain video tools such as camera, stand, headphones, microphones and other tools necessary for video editing.

Post Your Video: The next thing to do is to make a video about an interesting idea or topic and make a post about it. Don't worry about how it comes out. It doesn't have to be perfect, with time, it would get better. You could post it on YouTube and other video sites for a greater coverage area.

Engage: Share your links with friends and families and ask them to engage. You should also join in the engagement as it matters a lot. With time, you will have more followers who would engage more with your contents.


1. Grab camera.

2. Film.

3. Post.

Sometimes it need not be more complicated than simple action to just DO IT.

(Of course, if that answer isn’t satisfying, then more detailed questions may be called for.)


Before you start Vlogging prepare yourself. Pick a topic which interests you, learn the topic, learn some basic filming and editing, create a community on social media to get involved with your viewers, lastly and most importantly plan for what you are going to do.

Practice some days to talk confidently in front of camera, arrange good physical materials for your studio, gather knowledge and stay confident on what you are saying.

Use different strategy to attract more viewers, give resourceful videos, try to make a relationship with your fan. Try to understand the viewers choice, it will help you to grow.      

Choose the platform where you want to start your vlogging and dedicate yourself. 

Best of luck.


To start the vlogging you have to follow some practical tips to know:

Identify a subject

No doubt because it is so easy to embark on the adventure unexpectedly, this crucial first step is often omitted and you end up with hundreds of channels that start talking about everything and nothing ... and who quickly give up when they realize that everyone is talking about everything and nothing, and that their vague concept of vlog does not feed itself. Yet, a well-chosen theme or format can serve as an invaluable fuel.

Your mission: to find a subject, a theme, a concept, a format.

The indications: Nothing illegal, nothing that constitutes calls to hatred or discrimination, and nothing annoying. Well, you can be soporific if you want ... But we do not recommend it!

Take one! We turn!


Let's clarify now: the advantage of vlog is to combine image, sound and content. We must therefore try to produce a nice video to watch.

A flickering video may make nausea to your audience. To adjust this detail, simply use a tripod. Or arrange a pyramid of books and supports to get the desired angle and height (your camera should be at the height of your face: no one wants to see your nostrils under-diving!). A webcam will also perform the task correctly. Placed on your computer, you can scroll your text on your screen while the camera rolls.

In some cases, it will be necessary to zoom, adjust the lighting, the angle, the resolution. Do not worry too much - the idea is to let your audience meet you and become familiar with you and your facial expressions, as well as the tone of your voice.

Depending on the type of vlog you are targeting, you may not need to film yourself. Using screen capture software, you can register while you visually explain steps and instructions from your desktop. Especially useful for tutorials (computer, drawing, music, etc.) With similar applications that let you record your Skype conversations, you can also make interesting video interviews with experts or personalities who could interest your audience!

Behind the scenes

Once your video is filmed, you are in the editing phase. If you have made a perfect decision, you may be able to do without it. Otherwise, a video editing software will be more than useful! Just find your shoe and soon you will cut and rearrange video sequences like a pro, adding effects, titles and subtitles, retouching the speed of video, and so on.

Choose a platform

Once your video is finished and finished, it's time to put the fruit of your efforts online. The good news: you do not need a server, a domain name and a dedicated blog to deliver your videos to the world! Most vloggers turn to Youtube or Dailymotion, sites widely known and frequented, with the bonus of being easily shared and incorporated on social networks, blogs and sites.

Nevertheless, if your creed is "Why make easy when you can do complicated? You can also publish your vlog where countless blogs are published: Wordpress. A good dose of autonomy will be nicely combined with the many choices of stylistic models and plug-ins offered on the site.

With this YouTube WordPress plugin, you can easily insert YouTube videos / playlists into your message, comments and into RSS feeds.

This plugin will retrieve YouTube video comments and insert it into your blog, schedule schedule, daily, weekly and manually update.

As its name suggests, this plugin will help you share your posts on popular social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Reddit, Bebo and others.

A smart description

In the jungle of the web, the compasses are oriented thanks to the search engines. It is therefore essential to know how to plant appropriate signs so that your videos are found by your future spectators!

To ensure the accessibility of your vlog, take the time to compose a suitable description of your content. Between your title, your keywords and your general description, there should be enough clues to guide the public to your vlog.

Interact with your fans

Remember: what makes news platforms superior to traditional media is not just immediacy and accessibility ... it's also about dynamism. By promoting interaction on your channel - that is, by reaching out to your audience and responding to their comments and messages - you will make them want to come back. They will feel valued and will be inclined to comment more, share more, and they will help grow your project.