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What is your first memory as a child?
How old were you at your first memory?  What is it? Mine is the birth of my sister at 2.5 years old.

For some reason as a toddler I remember my cousin dropping me. He tried to deny it, but was also amazed that I could remember the incident while being so young.



Well I'm not really sure what my first memory as a child is, seeing as I didn't know how to count and I wasn't even aware of time or age as a whole, but I think it would have to be walking through a hospital to go and see someone who I assume was my mother after she's given birth to my little brother.

I remember seeing blood on the ground somewhere in the hallway, probably an accident victim or a gunshot or stab victim had been bleeding at that spot before he/she received medical attention.

I have some other memories, but I think that was probably the earliest memory I have. At the very least I can say that I was a little below 3 years old then.

I hope this helps.

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