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What service do you use to book your vacations?
Do you use Priceline or Booking.com?  Do you use a travel agent or do you do it yourself?

when the holiday season is near, people who embrace the religion of Muslims who live outside the area or who live far away from their families and they usually celebrate Eid in their hometowns, where they must visit your homes, when they return to their hometowns, or spend holidays in other places. Non-Muslim communities also celebrate this holiday as a time when they can finally feel a long holiday by traveling to a country that has many places with panoramas or beautiful scenery such as Indonesia for example.

With all the holiday activities that will occur, this is the right time for us to see places for or services offering tourist services, such as booking airline tickets, hotel bookings, train ticket bookings, or travel packages. Usually I choose a place to order airplane tickets or other tickets on Tiket.com, in addition to easy and not complicated prices that are offered by the agents on Tiket.com are also very affordable both among people who have enough income and those who earn above average. I always choose the ticket.com service as a place to buy tickets if I want to travel somewhere.

And Tiket.com has also proven its position in Indonesia as a trusted online site for hotel bookings, airplane tickets and train tickets. This site collaborates with nearly 1,000 hotels throughout Indonesia, and nine Indonesian airlines that serve domestic and international flights. Tiket.com is also the only place where you can buy train tickets officially, other than through the PT. KAI website. For easy access to booking airplane tickets and other tickets, you can open on the web and download applications made by Ticket.com.