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WHY Did Earliest Muslims Call Muhammad a "White Man"?
According to various "authentic" (Sahih) Islamic Hadiths, people always describe Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) as a "White Man" with ultra white skin tone and complexion. Isn't weird since most of the earliest Muslims were Arabs, repeatedly calling Muhammad as THE/THAT White Man amidst the Arabs doesn't make much sense. Note that Arabs at that time do think of themselves as White (in contrast to the Black slaves they own and trade). It's like calling Donald Trump "the/that White Man" in the US Congress, it doesn't make any sense. Take Bible, for example, we don't see any description of Jesus miraculously having very different skin tone from the rest of the Jews. In fact, there ain't much description of Jesus's and his apostles' skin tone in Bible as this is really not an important issue. Why then, do various Islamic Hadiths put so much emphasis on Muhammad's skin tone? Is it of any theological, societal or cultural importance?

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