Can the first provably secure messenger app like SENSE.CHAT change the social domain where peer to peer private video chat and messaging without a centralized third party will become a reality?

Yes it is evolving and it will take the regime of social activities like private video chat and messaging forward in a sense that there is no third party and no where the data is stored. So the users will really feel the absolute privacy and one will be at its own will, whether to disclose his/her privacy or not. We all know in traditional centralized platform, how private video chat and messaging is risky.

It has also a built-in wallet, so using this, one can easily send EOS and SENSE token to family friends or to other peers. Sense.chat can really prove to be the real messenger tool of crypto generation as not only one can private video call, text but also can transact using its built in wallet. It is built on high performance EOS network, so the user experience will also be seamless and ultra fast. There can not be any spying of your data which is really key in this generation and hence it provides that absolute peer to peer connection.

The social domain of private video call and messenger tool will be really strengthened by the addition like sense.chat which brings the legacy of decentralized blockchain technology and offers that absolute security as far as the user's data is concerned. Now it will be without a centralized party.