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How to be aware that we are not pacing our life for a lost cause & objective?

Life is created and given by the giver for a Purpose or Purposes!!

A life lived strictly out of core purpose is not worth its while; it could be said that such life is not meaningful!!


1) A Toyota Car Created by Toyota Motor Co is for the Purpose of moving commuters conveniently about .

If such a car is acquired and deployed as an Earth moving Bulldozer; it will not only get destroyed, but would never serve purpose.

2) A Spade ( Shovel) created by its manufacturer for earth movement, but deployed as an Axe in cutting down trees would be not only fail to do so, but will be DESTROYED early and easily.

These scenarios are obtainable for the life of humanity. Each person is created for a purpose! We must strive to operate and fulfil such given purposes.

Are you designed, by your talents as a Lawyer?? Strives to one instead of begging to be a Pastor!!

Are you a teacher , naturally by your talents?? Strive to be one , even with little pay , instead of begging to be a banker!!

How do I know my Purpose??

Your level of internal satisfaction ( Joy ) irrespective of the remunerations you enjoy by your profession is key to identifying your purpose!! So, search your heart Now !

Are you joyful doing what you do ??

Are you compelled to do what you do by peer groups and or the financial rewards only ?

Your responses would enable you determined whether you are fulfilling Purposes or otherwise!

If the later wouldn't you make a change for Good??