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What is the role of hashing in blockchain technology?

Hashing has a greater role in the blockchain to ensure "no fraudulent transactions", "no double spending" etc. So hashing is a key component to assure reliability of blockchain technology.

Hashing uses a mathematical algorithm to turn an input into a cryptographic output. Input can be a piece of information or a text or a message or a transaction etc. The reliability & security is centered around hashing mostly in blockchain technology. 

The most important aspect of hashing is that it secures the data. It has the following important characteristics which ensures that required degree of security-

  1. It is impossible to produce same hash value for different inputs. 
  2. It will produce the same hash value for the same message.
  3. It can quickly produce a hash of any input. So it ensures efficiency.
  4. It is not possible to determine the input based on the hash value. This is what is the most important feature of hashing in securing the blockchain technology.
  5. It ensures that the data is not tampered and it is meant for the intended recipient.

In blockchain technology, the hashes represent the state of the blockchain.  The input represents everything that has happened on a blockchain, so every single transaction up to that point, combined with the new data that is being added. What this means is that the output is based on and therefore shaped by, all previous transactions that have occurred on a blockchain.

Further it must also be noted that even a slightest change in the input will result in a different hash. So changing any record which has already happened previously will change all the hashes, thereby making them false and obsolete. This further becomes impossible when the blockchain is a transparent public ledger. 

All the transactions which are processed are used as an input to create a hash and that is used as block and all the subsequent blocks just follow same and are linked to the previous block, forming a chain block. So in this way hashing plays its part in blockchain technology and the transactions are added securely as long as the nodes in the network are in consensus.


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