Which one is better for eyes: night mode or normal mode?

Night mode is better ... too much light is not good for the eyes especially at Night, that's why the night mode feature was invented to prevent eyes defect due to the blue light that comes in contact with the eyes when we operate our phone.


For me the night mode is better. Each time I use the normal mode, I experience both Eye and Head aches, but I don't feel that way with the Night mode..


Of course, the night mode is better for the eyes - but only at night. Too much light affects the eyes and because the night mode works with less intensity of light, the eyes are protected and preserved.

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Night mode is a feature that's been on smart phones for a while now. It's a mode where your phone reduces the blue light and brightness of your phone and it is generally better than the normal mode when it comes to you eyes. Night mode has many advantages like

HELPING YOU SLEEP BETTER: Blue light has a certain effect to it. It is capable of waking you up and keeping you alert the same way coffee does. So by switching to night mode, you reduce the blue light that's entering your eyes and as a result, make it easier for yourself to sleep

PREVENTING RETINAL DAMAGE: . People who use their phones, laptops and tabs are very likely to have macular degeneration, which can result in blurry vision and also blindness. It's an irreversible sickness.

Blue light is very bad for photoreceptor cells and they don't repair nor grow back once their damaged

This is for heavy device users though. For normal everyday use, it is not necessarily inevitable

REDUCE RISK OF DEPRESSION, DIABETES AND CARDIOVASCULAR ISSUES: Blue light affects more than just the sleep of people who use it at night. In fact, if you’re sleep deprived, you're at risk of depression, diabetes, and cardiovascular issues.

According to WebMD, 90% of people with insomnia have another health condition too. Once again, blue light isn’t all bad, and in moderate amounts can be good for your health.

All these are the adverse effects of blue light on the human body but can easily be worked out if we use night mode


For use in low level lighting, night mode is supposed to be better on the eyes, because it provides less glare. However, for normal every day use in normal lighting, either will actually work.

It does often come down to preference and what state the individual's eyes are in. Some will always prefer night mode, while others will want to go with normal, just because they feel it's easier on their eyes.

Consulting an eye doctor, especially if there is extensive use of a lit screen, particularly at night, is probably best. That way individuals can at least hear what may be best for their eyes.


It depends on the convenience of a phone user; as for me, Night Mode is the best. Actually, my phone is at zero and the personal computer is around 20%. It doesn’t hurt my eyesight and makes me more productive and additionally, much clearer to execute certain tasks.


I would definitely say night mode as the glare of the white background strains the eyes. The dark back ground is definitely more kind on our eyes and the glare isn't as harsh.Taking a break is advisable at some point as well to give your eyes a chance to relax. My eyes have deteriorated since I have been on Steem just by the amount of time spent on the computer.