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Do you really think that you can plan your life?
You can , but if you do you should expect a lot of bumps.

I dont know if you're familiar with the concept of entropy ... (not as in thermodynamics https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entropy ) entropy over time, the fact that all things are pushed outward

more like entropy over time (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entropy_(arrow_of_time)#An_example_of_apparent_irreversibility)

applied to daily life , the most used example i think is the concept of breaking an egg

you can break an egg but you can never restore the egg to its original state after that, even if you could collect everything that spills out and in some way contain the original form between white and yoke, then glue all the pieces back together, the egg would never be exactly like it was

I think the best way to see that in daily life is in ones kitchen :p even if you dont go there for nearly a day, things will always need to be done.

Apply that to "life"

You make a plan to reach a goal, and your plan is set to run over x amount of time. But you are not in control of the whole world , definitely not of all reality.

From a purely statistical point of view this means that the further you plan ahead the more chance you get things will get in the way. Unexpected unavoidance.

Someone crucial to your plan gets sick ... some bank on the other side of the world goes to far giving out loans without backing and crashes the whole world economy.
Or closer, your car or bike breaks down in a stupid accident beyond your control , hell, a branch or tree might fall on it, you trip and fall down the stairs, you sprain your ankle ... can be smaller things even.
The more time your plan takes, the more chance you get that something will interrupt it.
That person is sick so you cant rely on them, nobody's fault, right, but it was essential to your plan so now you're stuck. The economy goes downward, money loses value, corporations start to "sanitize" , you lose that job, that part-time job .. or your money is simply worth less (its just an example but lets assume its hard to plan anything in this world that does not require a certain amount of money in order to achieve it)
You have to get your car of bike fixed, costs you didnt plan in rise from nowhere, sprained ankle, broken leg gets you partly disabled for some time, time you planned in.

All these things and smaller heap up over time (its not exactly the same concept as physical entropy but look at it from a meta-level , for lack of better word)

And that's base statistic you can NOT avoid, no matter how much you plan, the whole set of data/information to hold into account gets larger over time, and it is beyond "omega" so to speak to make an exact calculation because you simply cant
not even the worlds best supercomputer could (its just too much) so

in my opinion, it's good to set goals

but its not good to plan ahead too much, its better to practice improvisation because there's always something you forgot and even then external factors you didnt even think of might rise, things that werent there.

so :
goals : yes
rigid plans : no

it all depends on the size and duration ofcourse, you can plan a trip to go camping next week (things might still get in the way) and that will probably work out
but planning your life five or ten years ahead in a world that moves so fast

i dont think thats a good idea, which, allow me to repeat myself, doesnt mean you should not set GOALS and see to them and direct whatever you can accordingly whenever change happens

dammit ... two posts again today ... i just can't contain myself

i totally didnt plan this :-)

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have a nice day, babysteps first before running

*actually it relates to a bit of filosofy about eternal life (clinical immortality - the idea that all disease has been cured and eradicated and that genetics advanced so far it's able to stop the ageing process, putting your body in a perpetual state of youth-like regeneration)
even if you had that, the longer you live the more chance you would have you would still die from an accident , these are all numbers ofcourse and as with all statistics because its highly likely it doesnt mean it WILL be , if you have 80% chance of this or that you might not , one could even say that if there were an infinite number of parallel universes, they might still be all copies of this one, it wouldnt mean for sure that EVERYTHING would exist somewhere in some dimension, it could all be the same or this dimension could be the only one to actually hold life although statistically you would have infinite chances it doesnt mean it will because you can have an infinite number of nothing just as well, you COULD throw 100 times ace in a row with a die, it doesnt seem to happen but there's no real reason why it doesnt because you just as much chance of throwing a one than you have at throwing any of the other five sides*

but thats another story hahah

o dear its raining, blessed rain in the midsummer heat, im gonna stick my head outside
Honestly, the question is incomplete. I'm probably going to get boo-ed of the stage by the asker and everyone else here....also @musing

It should be "Do you think you can plan your life and execute that plan successfully?"

if the questions was just, "Do you really think that you can plan your life?". Then the evident and final answer is **YES**

But can someone, a family, an clandestine organization, a country socially engineer and plan out someone's whole life, the answer is a statistical dismal failure of a no....maybe 1 in million at best.

Can someone plan out their education, to some degree and with some fore-knowledge, yes.

Can someone plan out the exposure and education for their children, yes.

Can education ensure a successful life.....not, but i will tremendously increase the probability, (like alot), depending on the quality and the content (and context - think teaching your kid programming in the late 1990s and early 2000s) of that education.

Can you plan a whole life, probably not, between biology, nature, nurture, conflicts, chaos, and circumstances, and financial barriers of entry for most, it would not be wise to rigidly plan a life.

Having said that, it's import to plan an acquisition of knowledge, getting and know more, timely knowledge in particular, is the best insurance and the one of the best strategy to have a well lived....albeit partially planned life.

AKA. Invest in yourself, plan for the worst, plan for best, but expect randomness and a little luck.
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Yes. But you can't plan for a single linear trajectory. You must prepare for contingencies. That's what militaries do routinely. The job of the top brass is to think every conceivable scenario and make detailed plans for them. There is such a thing as the fog of war, which means that at war, things will often go FUBAR. That doesn't mean plans are meaningless. Planning is what military leaders practice a lot because in their line of work they are required to improvise plans quickly if need be. Anyone can approach life similarly: recognize that things will often go south but plan and prepare nonetheless.

There is no doubt that anyone can plan their life, but the bigger question is: how much does it matter?

As a 16-year-old high school student I worked very hard to get a scholarship for college out of my country. But by the time I ended my high school education I didn't even apply for the scholarships. It wasn't because I didn't have the grades. I did. I was a straight A student. But what I couldn't plan for was that my mother went into severe depression and became bed ridden for a few years. So I gave up my plans for an overseas education to take care of her.

At 20, I started learning about online businesses. I decided I would be a millionaire by the age of 26. It seemed entirely possible at the time. I was very young. What I couldn't plan for ws my family's massive amount of debt. I didn't know of it because much of it was hidden from me. So instead of becoming a millionaire, I helped pay for my family's debt. I'm still not a millionaire today.

As humans, we can plan. But life may not always go as we plan for reasons out of our control.

And, many things will be way out of our control.the more we are okay with that, the more we will find it easy to live in this world.
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Why not? I mean if you are talking about daily routine then its hard up to a certain point. But if you are talking about life goals, ambitions, strategy for success etc then yes.. it is possible.

Everyone has a goal of some sorts..some work in a certain way to achieve it and some do not. But in any case everyone has one... Setting up a plan for your whole life takes some preparations. Many develop a plan on their own. I also one on my own which consists three different aspects. Determination, Direction and Discipline. THE Infamous tripple "D"s.

Determination - You will find many articles online about how determination plays a role when trying to accomplish anything at all. Ive found that determination alone is not sufficient. you have to constantly motivate youself to be determined.. Now how do you do that? think about things which you like. Even the tiniest things such as shades perhaps or a new phone or anything you woukd like to have. Even a good dinner maybe.

Now whenever you get something done, incentivize youself with those things. And you will soon be motivated to do anything. Get lots and lots of feedbacks from your ownselve. Think how would something turn out differently if you changed your method. And think before doing it in the first place. Take a little more time if necessary before jumping at work. when things become organized you will find you are stubbornly determined towards doing anything if you think that thing will help you achive something.

Direction- Think deeply about which jobs you might like. Find out what you are interested in.. Set up priorities.. And once you successfully extract your likeness just make a directed narrative about how your approach should be towards that goal. You will slip and fall in someplaces when you start chasing. But never lose hope. Take those as pit stops or challenges.. work your way up but never change the direction.. Whatever might come in your way, never change it. If you think you are not finding enough opportunities then make you own. Create those options deliberately but never lose your track. Because once you start you will never have enough time.

Discipline- now comes the most important virtuo. a well organized plan is always better. When you have discipline you will start to recognize what is unnecessary and what is important. You will find a rythm that will help you overcome any obstacle. Think if your abilities as resources. divide them into places where you need them. arrange your those resources based on priorities. And once you shape the allocation process the whole thing will come together easily.

Follow the tripple "D"s XDXD. Success will follow you. atleast the worked for me..

You can plan it or at least try it, the real problem is that all your paths progressively adjust to all the plans you have created.

I think life can be planned, with a willingness, careful planning and a hard effort to make it happen.

Planning Write the plan of your life, describe one by one.

The contents of the plan are the things that are on your mind. Describe ideas about what we expect to be better, do more or do differently in life. Do not be satisfied with what you already have, ask yourself why it matters or what you will get if you achieve it later, to explore the real reason behind each item. You should be able to get the real reason of all your plans and know that they are in line to fit into your life purpose. If you do not know what it is, then obviously you need more planning. Many people get frustrated when faced with questions about goals. Look for things that affect others and how others affect you, it is an easy place to start.

Give Room To Change Your Plan

Planning is much easier if you leave some space to grow and change it. It is unlikely that one plan has not changed over the years, and you need to adjust your planning as you learn more about what's important to you.

If and how there are changes to your goals, then you should also review your planning. There is nothing wrong with changing your planning as a change in life.

The more often you see the planning and change it the easier you can adjust to the new circumstances and make sure you stay on the right track. Also, reviewing planning allows you to avoid feeling complacent when you reach the things you've targeted. Do not be stagnant, keep pushing yourself and make sure you add new things to your planning.

My hope is that people, especially those reading this article, can write down their goals and make plans for their lives. This will bring happiness to many people and I know what power can be achieved if this really happens.

I know that I will not be able to get everyone to take on this challenge, but people I know who are taking on this challenge have shown remarkable results and now understand the power of a plan.
Not at all, but Whether we plan to make changes in our life is our own? Or does our plan create changes in others and make the world better? When we want to improve ourselves and other people. Determination of the plan will help us achieve what we've specified-step by step. We will be surprised to find ourselves make a change and make a difference.

If we have a target, planning and we are able to achieve it, we prove to ourselves and others that we can. We know what steps should be undertaken. In addition, the achievement of the targets will also make us so much stronger, and makes us feel comfortable with ourselves.

Target or planning makes us move forward. He could be the reason that makes us willing to answer the whole our power
Every successful human being is a man who can manage his life. From the above question I answered yes. because every human can manage life. But in regulating life it takes strong discipline. Man governs but God determines. Usually the person who can manage his life is the one who will succeed in the future. Having a target in life is a form of living. And it is very important to have rules in life. so start managing life from now to succeed to come to you. Thanks
Yeah i believe someone can plan their life and it is a very good decision to take by planning our lives,good planning can make someone life better and make someone have a great life,when we plan our life it will make someone to become more focused and determined...

Think and plan your life better

Try to plan life more carefully so as not to make too many mistakes, you must be able to make a good plan, so that your life will be good later. Not everyone can plan their own life, therefore you must also be able to learn to structure the future without the influence of many people.

Enjoy every process

Then you enjoy every process, in achieving a happy future is not easy. There will be many exams coming, and this will be a challenge whether you really want a good life or just want to but don't want to try?

Learn from mistakes

And the last is learning from mistakes, because the last mistake is your best teacher. You must be able to learn and don't repeat it again. Mistakes don't make you lose, but you will lose if you don't learn from them.


Yes, I do. Much of life is predictable and you can always plan for contingencies or even for the unknown. Planning your life does not mean you have to plan your whole life or in great detail.

Yes ,obviously we can live life in our own style then undoughtfully there is no reason that we can make our own plan to life.
We are living our own life then obviously we can plan our own life.life is a important part from the day of birth.

All pepole living in the world has their own scheduled they had made.
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Taking control of your life is a big step. You can be sure of what you want, find out what's important to you, and make plans to live in order to do the best in your life. Learn how to plan your life so you can meet your goals and needs.

Clarify Your Vision

1. Make sure what matters to you
Planning for life can be a burdensome task, and there are many different parts of life to consider when making plans. In order to better imagine what kind of future you want, spending time searching for what is satisfying and meaningful to you will help. A number of questions you can start thinking about your direction of life include:
How do you view success? Is it a job position or a sum of money? Is being a creative person? Does it have a family?
What would your life look like if you had the power to change it right now? Where will you live? What will be your job? How will you take the time? Who will you take the time with?
Whose life do you admire? What is the point of his life that interests you?

2. Make a vision statement with guidance.
After searching for what matters to you by asking questions and doing self-reflection, write down the answers you get in a sentence that can be used as a guiding vision statement. Write it in the current time format, as if you have already achieved it.
Examples of vision statements include: "My life is successful because I am the boss of myself"; "I feel free every day"; "I can use my creativity"; and "I spend time with my family."
Since planning a life in a fast-changing world can be difficult, you can use that phrase as your guiding principle when trying to map life by remembering that a particular job, place or destination may change as long as your guiding vision, or what is most important to you, is fulfilled.

3. Live slowly
Maybe your plan will not go smoothly. Very rarely something happens exactly like what someone planned or hoped for. Life is full of turns, surprises, and new opportunities. Life is also full of failures, but that does not mean you have to give up. Prepare to act slowly. Learn from those actions and experiences as they get closer to your goal.
You may be deadlocked in life. You may get a job that you think will put yourself in a better state, but it does not take you anywhere. Your thoughts may be disturbed by relationships with others and family. Just remember that there is no timetable for this. Keep up the small progress toward your goal and learn from every deadlock and new development in your life.
"If one does not know which port one sails to, no wind is favorable" - Marcus Aurelius (emperor of Rome)

Of course i can plan my life. In fact everyone should plan their lives as a blueprint of what to do. whether it gets done depends on if i stick to it, if circumstances allows it... etc.

It's way better than "happy go lucky" and living by the day. Animals does that, we humans have developed consciousness that extends beyond that of an animal and have the ability to aspire, to dream, to plan, to look beyond the natural needs of survival.

I see it as my prerogative to not only plan, but stick to it and execute. Whether that plans comes to fruition despite my best efforts are as they say it, "In God's Hand"

You CAN. But that doesn’t mean it’ll go according to plan.