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Why can't I answer my own questions?
As a popular niche writer on quora, I enjoy their encouraged practice of asking a question and then answering it myself. It gets people thinking and writing, commenting etc. I could do this when I started here...now it seems I can't. What's up with that? <br>I am adding this: there are many questions that have OPINIONS or STORIES as answers....it's not just about programming and "whats the meaning of...." Many of the upvoted answers here are missing the point of why this practice is a positive one.
Then what would be the point? If you ask and answer on your own then why ask in the first place? It would be like selling something to ones self. It would compromise the whole purpose of why musing was created.

Musing had an option like this not so long ago... Many spammers abused it. You know the only reason behind self answering would be to get upvotes. I will not take names but many users who self answered are still here. They had the quality of writing good and valuable answers and in the process they would have helped others.. But the only thing they chose was asking questions and answered on their own. They even just copy pasted the whole thing from quora or wikihow. But that option don't exist anymore. Musing moderators removed it.

My advice to those spammers if you are reading this would be, just try to write helpful aanswerss and add value to our community. Help us grow and grow with us. If you cant there are plenty other spamming options online. Leave and don't use the valuable space here that could be useful to others.
First thing i hear about it ... is that really so ? That's pretty sad, i had a few ready, yes i like to add my own opinion too, if not simply to give something to reflect too. I mean you ask for peoples opinion it doesnt mean you dont have one yourself.
All in the name of teh spamz huh ?

sad ... its like letting terrorists win and give in to their demands, im sorry to hear that ...

so there's little point in trying to start a discussion then ? only to ask questions you can't find on google ?

im really sorry to hear that

what's the use of using media that use the cast to be thrown to other people who are in question but used the answer for itself. According to sya not relavan someone answered his own question without any compromise together. this is the media here we share and interact with each other.
In this case it is clear that musing gives us an opportunity to interact together in earnings in the faithful of our ko0mentar column and this is also very positive. Hope this future can be a partner for us all.
Because if you have a question, you dont know the answer of it , so if you cant have an answer thatswhy you ask other to give you the clarity about it.
I believe that someone should have a good reason for asking a question and they should wait

for people that have the answers to the question to give a good answer to the question they have asked,it does not make a good sense to answer a question which you asked because if the person

knows the answer to the question then why did they now ask the question in the first place,?so i think it is good not to allow people answer their own questions...