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What do you think is the worst kind of people?

It can be a very broad type as there are various "evil" traits that human can possess.

I think that one of the worst kind of people are those who does not have a conscience. Those who can kill, steal and execute other wrong doings, and do not even feel any guilt at all.

Those kind of people who can make their lies look like the truth and they do not feel sorry. Those who can make others feel guilty cause they can reverse the sitution without even thinking that they did something wrong and even proud of it. They feel that it is an achievement to do a wrong thing, hurt others and get away with it.

Without a conscience, one can be in his worst form.


1. Saddist 

I think the worst kind of people are sadistic and loves to see others in pain and enjoyment of those kinds of things are to be categorized as one of the worst kind. Throughout history, there are so many of these kind of people who love to torture others for self enjoyment and those serial killers. 

2. Corrupt leaders

Those leaders who love to put the people's money in their own pockets and instead of spending it on things that can help the country. These people create a culture of corruption that sink the country into debt. There are corrupt leaders who rig votes to win and slowly turn the country into an authoritarian rule instead. 

3. Human Traffickers

Human traffickers who love to earn money through the manipulation of people and earning an income by forcing people to work as slave. These people usually trick people to work in areas where life is hard and pretend that they would be rewarded greatly and finally also asking the family to be bonded to this. Then these people have to work unwillingly in different jobs that are inhuman. 

Well, the list goes on and these are some of the worst in my opinion. I guess most of the time greed takes place. 


It's variey person to person or place to place or situation to situation. if we take a bot steemit so that people who not work sincerely here the just always copy paste and plagiarism from other work this kind of people worst here. here on steemit make good community and make strong relation with other and show your worth and make reputation in your community but some worst people always everywhere and because of them that community feel ashme some time because of the work bus some other people work good but they are lazy and not complete their work n time so this kind of people are also worst for any community.who are not sincere with others and also with work.


What type of person do you think is the worst?

In my opinion, the worst people are those who are desperate, do not believe in their abilities, if exploring the potential that exists in humans can provide benefits to others, instead of making damage everywhere.

Hopefully we are not the worst part of that person, have a nice day.


For me, the envious.  Because they are only happy with their own success, while the success of others is eating away at them, they also tend to want to damage and ruin other people's projects.

Envious people are also extremely rude and tend to adopt negative attitudes that only seek to harm and damage others. I've had to deal several times with those kinds of people who never want to see others succeed but on the contrary, constantly want to put their foot in your way only to make you stumble.


Intelligent and powerful people afflicted with Narcissistic or Antisocial Personality Disorder. 


I think the most noticeably bad sort of individuals on the planet are the individuals who are mean and savage to those that  are  littler , the weaker and the more powerless, for example, youngsters, the elderly, the handicapped, poor people and little creatures. What's more, in a more extensive sense, the pioneer of an amazing nation who couldn't think less about the enduring of individuals in their very own or different nations, except if thinking about them some way or another advantages him or her. It's a similar thing in a fabulous scale.


A man with an


That attribute alone obliterates associations, schools, spots of love, countries… .

A pioneer with an overinflated inner self puts himself in front of the reason that numerous before him carefully developed.

That characteristic is so dangerous, in light of the fact that anybody owning it likewise shows sub-qualities associated with it:

eagerness for power or individual picks up that eclipses the reasonable welfare of any other individual ( Bernie Madoff, Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos)

preference and detest as a 2-sided coin (Nero Claudius)

power complex (young people)

lying, misshaping or discarding reality (Nixon, Lance Armstrong)

Such individuals don't careabout anybody or anything besides themselves.

What's more, that makes them the most exceedingly terrible sort of individuals.


The worst kind of people are those who won't hesitate to kill, rape, cheat and oppress the weak.

I mean i can't even kill a rat, much less take the life of another.