How can I improve myself?

I think it depends on what you want to be in the goal of yourself that you want to be like. Well, if it's appearance, just get to the gym and train hard and reduce those really bad nutrients that go into the body. After many many months, when you look better due to a fitter body, well

You would have more confidence and you will feel good in your life.

The second thing to improve I guess is the skills and knowledge. It is good to constantly upgrade what is in our mind from windows 7 to maybe the current windows version. There are many people who don't really like to learn after leaving school. Acquiring new skills is good as it can increase our brain power which is something that many people love to admire.

Third is our attitude, we have to start appreciating everything in our life no matter how it is presented to us.

When we appreciate everything in our life, everyone would start to really to feel our presence as pleasant.


Put resources into your body : Exercise regular, walk more. Your body will treat you well later when required.

Acknowledge difficulties : Life for sure would be dull if there're no challenges. Acknowledge, gain from them and proceed onward.

Regard cash : Money resembles a passing cloud that comes and go. There is a colloquialism, "Cash is a decent hireling and an awful ace". It is as valid as it sounds.

Comprehend the significance of time : Time is the most important thing on the planet, than cash, than your belonging. Know the genuine estimation of time, grab get and appreciate each snapshot of it.

Try not to blame failure: Nothing will leave nothing. Your prosperity or disappointment relies upon what and how hard you have attempted. Add energy to your diligent work.

Reconsider : Second idea is dependably the best. Reconsider before you act.

Listen : Listen more than you talk. Never give guidance except if inquired.

Do not chase short-cuts : It is frequently a wrong cut.

Reprimand your companions secretly, applaud them transparently.


1. Be Bold and Strong

Make sure you become bold and ensure you have a steady mind. Learn to deal with problems and tough goings in an effortless way. Make sure you fear for mothings and be bold to acknowledge dangers. Be an epitome of solidarity (by brain , more than by body).

2. Grin

Build up a frame of mind to grin. It takes lesser number of muscles to grin as opposed to glare. Grin amid both cheerful and intense occasions. Grin and remain glad!

3. Unwind

Pursue an unwinding design. Reflect , go for long strolls, take full breaths , practice yoga and so on. Satisfy your psyche and soul , and have a genuine feelings of serenity.

4. Self-assurance and Courage

Put stock in yourself. Trust your potential. It will never put you down. Look for regard and don't fall a prey to whatever influences your confidence to go low.

5. Act in a Mature Manner

Reason out your contemplations. Think before acting. Break down from various purpose of perspectives.

6. Think Positive

Positive considerations = Success . Better believe it , it's the primary key to accomplish your objectives. Trust you can , you will!


It depends on what you want to improve.

Certainly, some things are easier than others - improving one's appearance with other clothes or hairstyles is easier than giving up behaviors and / or bad habits.

The important thing is to find goals that you want to achieve. Recognize, name, approach. A saying from my poetry album, which I had as a child, helps me to this day: taking small steps to big goals means winning a lot and losing little money.

I always wanted to know and learn new things - and read a lot every day.

Even in English, I wanted to be able to express myself well and quickly: To this day, I read English texts, my yoga trainer speaks English, I hear an hour BBC radio every day - no matter what the program is about.

I wanted to be able to move better and not always use my weight as an excuse for everything - so I took 20kg off. No, that was not my goal. And this time it was not about the time in which "it" had to be done. So small steps and the goal was "and someday" - I have achieved it.

I also wanted to do something for my health. With the change in diet, I also stopped smoking.

Luckily I have a lot of discipline. I did gymnastics for over 1 1/2 years, just after getting up. I needed a new challenge. And since September I do yoga in the morning - also an hour.

The other things were more difficult for me: I think and talk fast and I'm impatient. It was always difficult for me with other people. I have learned:

  • To show interest
  • Remembering things and asking for it at the next meeting / contact
  • Do not interrupt people talking, even if they speak slowly or formulate cumbersome. Patience. Patience. Patience.
  • Do not always say everything I know - but always know what I'm saying.

Despite all efforts to "get better," to "improve," I often think that this is not the purpose of my life, but rather to learn to leave me as I am. I change what makes me happy and makes it easier for me to deal with others.


On the off chance that you need to improve yourself productively, you should figure out how to set objectives proficiently.

"All successful individuals have an objective. Nobody can go anyplace except if he or she knows where they need to go and what needs to be done. " — Norman Vincent Peale

Having goals is the basic keys to progress. When you ace the craft of defining and satisfying your objectives, you can begin to make and shape your own future. Change your own character, enhance yourself.

Goals provide guidance and reason to all that you do. It gives center and shapes your fantasies. Without them, you are carelessly hopping from assignment to undertaking, and not living to your potential.