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How are you positively contributing to your society?


I do my best every day to honor my parents’ commitment to raising decent, respectful, useful, rational and sensitive human beings. Even though religion was important in my culture at the time I was growing up, my parents were fully aware of the hypocrisy and double standards behind religious facades. Thus, for them it was more valuable an atheist with a good heart than a fundamentalist Scrooge.

I understood my duties and rights as a citizen and have tried to live by the Golden Rule in all aspects of my life. I became an educator and for more than 20 years I have tried to talk the talk and walk the walk, instilling in my students a sense professional, personal, civic and moral responsibility. In a country like Venezuela where every person assumes the other is corrupt and little action like cutting a line do not have any transcendence, it is very difficult to be consistent in what may called good citizenry. I am always respectful of basic social rules. I am polite, I don’t cut in lines, I try to be helpful to whoever is in need in the streets (a lady carrying heavy bags, an old lady crossing the streets, a crying kid, etc.), I don’t pollute (at least not consciously, I understand that often times inadvertently, we may be contributing to the degradation of our environment), I am always punctual and deliver what I have promised to the best of my abilities. 

I became a father at age 20 and that game me a different perspective of life priorities. Hard work, honesty, responsibility, commitment, teaching by example, and unconditional love for those who depend on you have been my parental tenets. I have always been a good neighbor, respectful of people’s spaces; always willing to collaborate in all matters that can benefit the community where I live. I understand that my freedom ends where my neighbor’s begins. As Robert Frost once wrote, “good fences make good neighbors.”

I have tried to teach that to my family, friends, and students. I have used my profession to teach not only specific academic knowledge of knowledge of life and duties, the most important ones being self-respect, self-awareness and self-reliance. I understand that the human being is a political animal and as such they have political/civic duties that are not necessarily related to political activism/proselytism. When we still had newspapers in town, I participated of a weekly column writing op-eds that combined reflections on academic, social and personal matters to contribute to the discussion and possible solution of our urgent issues.

Thus, by honoring my parents’ teachings, having become a devoted teacher, a good parent, a loving husband and a respectful neighbor, I think I am contributing to my society. The whole thing is falling apart at the moment, but it would be far worse had we all given up doing what is right. Whatever is left standing it is because there are many people still contributing their share.   


Sometimes , through witty, sarcastic Musing comments to entertain.

Sometimes, through insightful, reflective writing on Steemit to inspire, educate, and inform.

Sometimes, through the uplifting vibes shared through my musical productions.

Sometimes, just through the radiance of my being and the ripple effect of the transmutational work done through my personal journey.

(And yet, there’s still some damn part of me that feels none of that is enough. Fuck. Ha.)


My youngest brother once asked me a question relating to this and at then, I doubt if I was really contributing anything to my society though we i.e I included were the first set of persons who complain of any negative action taken by the elders in that society, it was after my youngest brother asked me this question that I realized I wasn't doing anything to help the society yet I was the one to always complain. So I really appreciate this question.

First, I involve actively in any community participation either in repairs of road paths,cutting down trees to make local bridges and programs held in the community by either NGO or any governmental organization.

Am a farmer, my produce helps in making food available for consumption in the society. It makes people get easy access to food unlike travelling far distance to get food for their consumption.

I involve in youth meetings where proper decisions are taken for the growth and development of the society and most times I have given brilliant suggestions that get being endorsed by about 75% of the number and some of this suggestions have been implemented.

On the basis , I feel I contribute largely to my community and society as a whole.


By buying local products - it simply shows a great support for the economic growth of the country when you buy locally made products and services in the society. Another thing is to follow rules and traffic regulations always - it promotes sincerity and concern for other beings and for yourself as well. It simply shows how a good citizen must be in order to maintain harmony to whole society. There are so many

contributions you can give to the society. It will depend mostly on how big you status is in the society or whether you can provide big or small amount of contribution. Nevertheless, those things I consider as personal contributions which surely, can resonate to other people.


I am involved in sign language community for more than 11 years. Many deaf and mute people has no regards when it comes to morals, and being a signer (a person who communicates in sign language), I can reach out to and help them. Many of such individuals didn't have proper education that they don't even know their own language, and I am a volunteer teaching them sign language. I also volunteer in a government-owned vocational school.


One best that I positively contribute to the society is being a good citizen at my city. I have followed the rules set by the government like the traffic rules, taxes, over-speeding, and other forms of violations. I'm glad I have never done them and will take no courage to try it.

Another thing that I love to do is patronizing the products of our countrymen. There are a lot of local products that are better than the known brands but their problem is just the poor marketing. However the quality is far better than the leading ones.

Through public education and opportunities. If a person seeks for opportunities like earning online, I have no hesitation to introduce Steemit as an alternative and main social media platform for them and have the chance to earn. We may have been facing down times now, but we're still earning. Everyone is still earning.

Lastly, I'm confident that I'm making my community proud by having education and soon work in a prestigious company where I contribute taxes to the economy.


The best way for me to contribute positively to society is as a university professor, training suitable and competent professionals for the growth and development of society, although in these times of crisis in my country (Venezuela), it is an arduous task because the professors make a great effort to attend to the few students who remain in our classrooms, but without fainting I continue because it is my vocation.  I also contribute by fully complying with my citizen duties, respecting my fellow men and seeking protection and care of the environment where I develop; I contribute positively when I extend an unconditional hand to people who need additional support to continue along the way.


I am into music. And at the moment I have about three new songs of which one I dedicated to my State. The music I made for my state is a music that portrays the uniqueness of a great people, it also encourages them to rise to the fate of their greatness. It calls out to the youth not to shy away from their mother tongue and also be proud to represent where they are from.

The other two songs I made, one is for a community on steem blockchain and the other is one that talks about a celebrity lady who is bent on victimizing her servants and anyone she comes across.

Music has really been something that aides me to interact with the society and I believe my music has changed people's lives positively.


The issue of social life, where we fellow human beings relate to one another, with a variety of needs and interests, there is no more interesting thing to do than contribute directly to the community.

Why is contributing to society important? The reason, first, is that it has a positive impact on society. You can contribute energy, mind, or material, all of which will make the surrounding environment change in a positive direction.

Secondly, this is a form of "reply" that is appropriate for the Passioners to "return" what has been obtained from people or the environment that also changes you.

Third, contributing to the environment will see the extent to which the quality of Passionaries can change or bring people to a better direction.

This is in line with the famous quote from basketball player Steve Nash, that he always believes in the power of contributing and helping society, "Think globally, act locally I suppose. I believe that the measure of a person's life is the affect they have on others. "(Quote)