How to effectively resist sleepiness?

There are times we have to stay awake just to do some important activities but sometimes we do feel dizzy and we end up sleeping such that we won't be able to do what we plan to do for the night.

I want everyone of us reading this to understand that we can't cheat nature no matter how hard we try. Sometimes the body system needs rest due to the activities undergone during the day and similarly the brain also need some specific amount of time to refresh and produce more functional chemicals that helps brain development via sleeping.

We are sometimes occupied during the day and we may have something very important to do during the night but we are always feeling dizzy and this may cause us to loose concentration on our activity and enable us to sleep. There are also students who may have exams the next day but they can't study at night because they always feel dizzy whenever they read during the night.

I am able to come up with the following tips that will always keep you awake during the night in which you won't feel dizzy when engaging in your activities. These are the tips listed and explained below :

1) SLEEP DURING THE DAY: Sleeping during the day helps you to relax some part of your body system in such a way that they are refreshed when you wake up. This act will help you stay awake for the night and makes you feel energetic like you are in daylight.

The fact is most people overwork or pressurize the body system most especially the brain without giving it the required amount of time to rest. This makes us get tired and feel weak during the night which brings about dizziness while we do important things during late hours in the night. It is very important to give the body the required amount of sleep during the day if you want to stay awake in the night.

2) AVOID OVER STRESSING YOURSELF DURING THE DAY : The type of stress you engage in with your body system will have great effect on your body during the night. Someone who had carried lots of heavy load during the day will surely feel very tired and dizzy during the night which will cause such person to sleep for a long period of time.

It is always preferable you examine the type of work or activity you want to engage in during the day if you wish to stay awake during the night without feeling dizzy. You just have to be watchful on the type of activities you engage yourself in because the more you stress the body during the day, the lesser your chances of staying awake for the whole night.

3) WATCH THE TYPE OF FOOD YOU EAT FOR DINNER : From my studies, I notice that if you eat heavy food at night you will surely feel very weak and tired compared to when you consume light food.

I know of people who doesn't sometimes prefer eating heavy foods for dinner because they want to work for the whole night. These people love to eat light foods because they can easily gain the control of their body. I suggest you should be very mindful of heavy food if you really want to stay awake at night.

4) THE QUANTITY OF FOOD YOU CONSUME FOR DINNER : There is a slight difference between you eating heavy meals and you eating in excess. When you eat too much food for dinner, your body becomes very heavy and you become tired which weakens you automatically and makes you start dizzying at night.

It is always preferable you avoid eating excessively till you get exhausted because it will affect your body system making you feel very tired. Also, you are adding more to the work of the digestive system in the body as they will want to digest the excessive food you've consumed for supper.

5) BE MINDFUL ABOUT THE TIME YOU EAT DURING THE NIGHT : Most of us don't really know the best time to eat in the last part of the day. Some of us believe we should always eat by 10-12 PM. This kind of habit is very bad. We should cultivate the habit of eating before it is too late.

It is preferable you eat by 7-8PM because it enables the food to be digested completely which gives you energy in return to stay awake for the whole night.

6) DON'T LIE DOWN ON YOUR BED AT NIGHT: If you really want to do something in the night, you must be ready to sacrifice your bed by not sleeping on it. You have to stay away from your bed and sit on a chair if it's involves you to do so. But you just have to stay away from the bed.

The bed and the body are naturally connected due to the consistent nature that occurs between both of them which is Sleeping. You should find a means of doing away with your bed if you wish to stay awake for the whole night.

7) TAKE YOUR BATH AND DRINK WATER : Taking your bath at night and drink water in the night helps the body system to stay refreshed and active for some period of time.

You will notice that anytime most people are awake, they tend to wash their face with water just to make them refreshed for the day activity. This I also applicable to staying awake during the night.

8) DRINK COFFEE : Coffee is made from a chemical product known as caffeine. Caffeine is sometimes used to produce some non sleeping pills due to it's effectiveness in helping the body system active for the night.

This is why most students do drink coffee like Nescafe during the day or evening because they don't want to sleep or feel dizzy at night.

9) DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY : Anytime you are doing things that makes you happy, you won't want to sleep because you already love what you are doing.

There are people who play games or watch movie's or surf the internet from night till the next morning because they love what they are doing. You can always make sure you do what you love to do and you will surely stay awake for that night.

10) USING PRESCRIBED DRUGS: There are some certain drugs which will keep you awake throughout the high. Go to your pharmaceutical shops or meet your doctor to help you prescribe such drugs for you.

Most importantly, there shouldn't be abuse of drugs because drug abuse causes more harm than good.

In conclusion, the above tips will help you stay awake. Also remember that you can't cheat nature.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


The heck? Why do you want to do this when it's so much better to have enough sleep at night? Oh wait... you did not explain if it is sleepiness at night or during day time. hehe. 

Of course the number one choice would be to drink coffee. Next would be drinking some softdrinks like Coke/Pepsi. You can also exercise for let's say 3 minutes to promote better blood circulation. That should make you more alert and less sleepy.  Don't tire yourself though or else you will get sleepier. Lol. 

Otherwise just close your eyes and sleep for a few minutes. When you wake up you'll have enough energy to work again and you won't be that sleepy. Unless of course this doesn't work for you. Some people cannot sleep for a few minutes because they get headaches upon waking up. 


As from someone who always works a lot of nightshifts....I can honestly say that drinking tons of coffee, keeping yourself snacking and a walk outside every hour really works.

But in the end, if you are not trying to resist due to working tasks..just go to sleep, it will make you feel so much better!


Modafinil works great but in a lot of countries you can't get it without doctors subscription.


Anxiety, like me, just only three hours of sleep a day.