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What did you do before you went to sleep so that the next day you felt so happy to deal a new day?

Plan what to do the next day. If you already worked out a mental map on what to do for the next 24 hours, you can be more productive about your time the next day. Most just end up going with the flow but this only works when they know what flow they should be going with. Planning helps you gain more control about your activities the following day and helps keep your priorities in perspective. 


@Ijoel, In my opinion, i will going to stop any thoughts of worry or overthinking thoughts before sleeping and will going to think about something good which i want to achieve and that is because our subconscious brain stays super active in sleeping time and if we feed it negativity then for sure the negative seed of thoughts will be planted in our mind and in my opinion subconscious mind hold the upper hand. Stay blessed. 🙂


I tell myself that I my sleep will be regenerating and that I will feel relaxed, awake and energised in the morning. Works like a charm :)