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How is economic polarization applied to cryptocurrency like steem?

Economic polarization is mainly due to eccentric staking of huge steem power with a limited number of whale's account. I think the lesser the people having more steem power, the more centralized a community is. No one is to blame for this as it was not artificially crafted in steem economy. It was natural, as very less people choose to become whale and that is why less peers are available as whales. Now the question is if it was natural then how can it be naturally distributed again. The answer is as simple as the current economic slowdown in steem economy is trying to make a shuffle to disrupt the polarization. The natural economic slowdown has given an opportunity to people to become a whale and try to help the economy to distribute in a more distributed way as compared to the current distribution.

Natural forces always prevail and its effect can be seen sooner or later. I think in  steem its effect is seen much earlier than expected. I do not know where it will take  but I am confident that the polarization effect will be subsided and it has given a chance to redistribute the economy naturally again.