How much do you assess your own mistakes?

Well that's a great question buddy. 

In our lives we undergo a lot of experiences, we do achieve a lot of stuff as well as hit faliure too. Whenever we try a new thing in our life the greatest power for us is the thing that pumped us to do it and the greatest enemy is the feeling of hitting faliures due to the mistakes we could make in the process.

Many people take faliures as the end of their dreams they aspired for. They get depressed after hitting a obstacle in the path of their journey. 

On the other hand there are people who are ken on improving at each step, they count every single step. No matters they succeed or get struck at some point, they just keep movin and learning from each step let it be the mistakes or the good parts too. 

For the very next step that they are gonna take, would be from the past experiences they gained from the mistakes they did. 

Mistakes are not something to regret about or feel bad about, instead they are the greatest teachers for us, we can take it in a way to improve our future steps so that we could enhance ourselves and provide a better performance than the previous one.

I too try my best to look at my mistakes and see what I did the wrong way and get the lesson that I shouldn't do in the future, that's what makes us understand that what we should do and what to avoid as well. 

All in all MISTAKES are a great source of LEARNING and we must take it in a way to improve our future.



No one can say he access my mistakes 100% as I won't like to repeat the same mistakes over again. There is this saying 'Once bitten, twice shy' . I take out time to access my mistake from time to time say monthly as I am not perfect, so I try to structure my life and make it more sound and progressing.

Accessing your mistakes will make you affect people around you positively. It will also make you cause you to think well for a better future.

We are more co-ordinated after accessing our mistakes and we find out that if we avoid getting back to those mistakes, we end up living a better and convenient life.


Hi there,

I would like to answer it on my own behalf. Yes, I do analysis of my mistakes because it teaches me a lot new things about me and about other things.  

And I think it is very important for everyone should evaluate our mistakes and we should afford some time to think about ourselves. It's actually help us to achieve new excellence in our life. 

Thank you :-)


You replay the scenario differently each and run your solutions on them. See what scenarios could have prevented you from committing the mistake and see what scenarios could have made the mistake solved sooner. There's no one hit solution for it so I end up coming up a lot of scenarios that help me avoid trouble in the future under similar circumstances.