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What is the sex pleasure of LGBT people? Can you imagine?

This is a rather personal question. I guess as long as ur a person and is attracted to another person who is attractive no matter what the person's gender or race is, it would be something pleasurable. Intimacy in which both people can enjoy a climatic release.

As long as a person is sane and have reproductive organs, I guess they would be able to enjoy encounters where intimacy is concerned. Even when humans buy toys although toys are non living, they could just use a bit their imagination to enjoy a good time.

As long as two people are in love or are in sexually attracted to each other, it can let them both enjoy a reasonably good time in closed doors. Imagination of what happens is for everyone here to do as i guess everyone is capable of creating their own imaginative scenes in their mind.

Well, I guess that anyone who is in the LGBT are also humans like us and I guess they should have the right to choose their own life and who they want to be or how they enjoy their intimate calls.


I can. But it seems you can‘t...what a pity.

Well of course they have some fun...they are human!