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What is your perspective on human cloning?

It would be pretty scary and also awesome at the same time. Imagine being able to cline humans who are exactly like us in looks and thought.

The first thing is, would be it ethical and or would it even be unethical. Imagine being able to clone famous leaders from the past just from the DNA. Then the question is that whether these people would behave the same as what their DNA is?

Cloning is something every scientist has dreamt of and I guess the country that would try all sorts of experiments would be China. China is the country that loves to do all sorts of new things and not fearing any consequences. If human cloning was really possible, it could change our world. Countries with declining population could have its people cloned to increase the number in the country.


I believe that the human Cloning is actually a great gateway technology compared to the other technologies that we humans have not actually thought of yet...

It is really a great stepping stone towards the medical therapies that would actually no longer really require donors...

i believe that human cloning actually really needs to truly and possibly have the mysticism about it to be removed and also we in our society actually need to really allow the medical scientists to actually do their job in this field legitimately and also without any form of stigma....

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I think this is inevitable. With how fast technology is moving forward and our desire to succeed, I think cloning is more a matter of "when". My thoughts are that it is just a product of evolution. It really isnt that much different than how we have progressed through history. Medicine and the such have helped us increase our life spans and made our lives more efficient. I think cloning is another way for us to get towards "human perfection". The science and and medical ramifications will forever change the course of humanity, its exciting


Before thinking about cloning the man, let's think about cloning money, resources, raw materials, schools in disadvantaged countries ...

In the first place, I would answer to answer but ... if the primary function of the clone is to alleviate the task of the man on a daily basis why not.

It is indeed dangerous for humanity but ... it may be possible to prevent this consequence with drastic measures, very rigorous.

The concern is that those who will be able to produce clones will not necessarily have engraved in their mind the basic rules for the smooth running of this "pharaonic" company.

For now, it's impossible that it goes in the right direction!

But ... it's achievable, and it may be safe; the main elements to consider are the state of mind and motivations of the team that will be responsible for creating clones.

I still think that there are more important topics than human cloning today, and that this possibility will not solve all the problems of the world.