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What financial management do you plan for your future?

My plan for managing my income in future are somewhat different from other user. As i believe in Cryptocurrency and  this may take us to the moon i will keep 0.28 BTC in my wallet as for the future and will sell after 15-30 years with a good price. As everyone says bitcoin is the future and price will go to the moon than it will be best for me to invest in it now and take benefits for lifetime. 

But i cannot look after cryptocurrency as this is volatile and cannot be predictable so i have my next plan too into consideration. My next plan is i have already taken policy in LIC which is government policy which will make my life improved in future. I am paying the premium of 100$ per year or 13000 rupee. This premium will give me 40 Lac rupee in future and this amount is so big for me that i will be able to live my whole life best.


The most important thing to make my finances more focused for the future is to set clear goals. Of course from the concept of financial management which is a process in regulating activities or a financial activity.

For example, I said, looking for a definite source of income, of course, in an activity there must be a clear source of income. Usually the source can be obtained through a collection of funds from each activity made.

I also have to write down the finances neatly, by recording every expenditure and income neatly, it will make it easier to monitor each turnover of the financial flows.

And the most important thing is to determine expenditure, if each activity has the right target and source of income is clear, then the next step is to execute every activity that I will do and determine how much expenditure will be spent. Try to make precise calculations so that there is no financial waste in carrying out the activities that I have planned. From this, I can also determine which activities are working effectively and which are not, so you can plan better activities in the future.

Maybe that's just a little explanation about financial management from me.

There may be additions from other friends.


I am planning of investing more in Cryptocurrency in 2019 than this year because I see Cryptocurrency taking the world by Storm in 2019.

The second one is planning to start business also to support my investment in Cryptocurrency so as not to put all your eggs in one basket.

So I will say my financial management is investing in Cryptocurrency and also starting a medium scale business.



My financial management plan for the future is starting up a business while saving by investing the money on fixed deposit. The problem of most unsuccessful businessmen is the inability to save.

Saving is a very good factor when it comes to being successful.

When a businessman only spends without saving then the future of his business will be wrecked.

I plan on investing in businesses ,about two different ones then focus on placing the income on fixed deposit for the future.

I will also invest on cryptocurrency as that has become a part of me now.

I have seen testimonies about how prosperous crypto can make one be.


My plan, if my debt has been paid off, I will invest in crypto currencies more than before. I am sure that the prospect of the crypto currency will be very good in 2019 with greater adoption.

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