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What matters are more important to you, politics or religion?

For me, religious issues are very important. And this religious problem occupies the highest ladder for me. Indeed, I am one of those who believe and are fanatical about religion. Because in the teachings of religion all the problems in life both in the world and in the hereafter are well regulated as our guide in facing this life.

Likewise political issues are also regulated in religion. Now, why do people shout not to interfere with religious matters with politics? This is solely because there are a number of individuals who become religious leaders when they are politically not guided by religious teachings anymore.

There is nothing wrong with religion and politics. What's wrong is the people who use religious issues in politics. So that the religious position is dragged into politics. Now, what must be improved is the people who are involved in politics so that they are always guided by the rules of religion in carrying out politics. Not guided by principles that conflict with religion and conscience.


First of all i really believe that Politics is a kind of a messy human affair, politics is really full of various imperfections and it is also based on

various temporal issues in both the past and present ,politics is really a very important aspect of this life, but i believe it is less insignificant than religion.....

I believe that My religion is really how I choose to actually live my life, it is also my own worldview, it is also the major foundation of the person who I am. My true salvation really gives me great

hope and also great assurance in things which are actually beyond the usual infinite material world....My personal beliefs really guide my own conscience and it is what really compels me to

act - so honestly that is why truly my religion will definitely always be truly more important than any politics or its ideology...

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I personally believe and depend on religion more than politics. 

Politics is just a thing to me which can make sure my real world activities are going okey. But for me personally, religion can give me the peace, spirituality and inner growth. 

But if you meant to know, what I believe more important for a broader perspective. Then my answer would be both. Because there are many people who do not care much about religion, so for them surely politics can play an important role. 

In our personal life, there is not much room for politics, if you are a believer.  As I take religious rules and regulations to be followed in my life, so it always comes first for me. All those old religion have a foundation which can lead a person to be a good human, help them involve in good deeds and make them grow spiritually. So in personal life it carries more meaning.

For our national life, we need politics, and there is no other option. As we all have different life choices and preferences, so regulating ourselves by religion should not be a wise decision. So for certain cases politics comes first in our life.

I think, we the common people do not care much about politics and what is going on around. Rather we are much more focused on what is more influential in our life, what matters most and what can give us some peace. In that perspective for me, religion is the first thing to give more importance. 


Both politics and religion are important because they influence our Every day lives: one cannot take the place of the other. Religion influences our beliefs and lifestyle while politics influence our environment and what we get or the quality of life we live. So both of them are important in the life of every man


I personally chose religion. even for political problems there are signs in the book, namely the Qur'an. by choosing religion, political problems will be overcome. the reason I chose religion, because religion is a way of life. if someone wants to survive the world and the hereafter, then he must follow religion.