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How do you deal with slander?

Slander is written defamation. Defamation is any statement that hurts somebody's reputation.

For it to be slander, the statement must be false, damaging and heard by a third party.

You can take the following steps.

1. Demand a retraction of the statement and an apology. This should be published as far as the original slander went. If this doesn't work or you don't want an apology you can move to point two

2. Sue the offender for damages. Slander isn't a criminal offense so the offender isn't going to end up in jail. However you can demand compensation in court from the offender. This is usually in form of money.

3. Clear the air. Remember that most people doesn't usually bother to check facts. Some people who heard the slander might believe it to be truth. You'll need to set the record straight by proving the statement is wrong.


Sue the offender for damages. This will serve three things

1. It would be your way if showing that you don't approve of slander. It's the only way you can make the offender pay as slander isn't a criminal offense

2. It would prevent others from committing slander. When people want to make statements about you in future, they'll do well to double check their facts less they commit slander and are sued.

3. It's a way of telling the world that the statement is false. If you do nothing or try to deal with it in private, people might think the offender was saying the truth. But when you sue the offender, everyone would know he was lying in San attempt to ruin your reputation

1 Comment

State facts everyone else could verify or ignore the claim. Slander is a negative propagand only meant to do you harm. Best not to address it and if you are forced in a corner, just say obvious stuff where people can verify your sources. Slanders are more focused on making up stories so it's easy to see how valuable the info facts provide against the slanderous claims. 


Everyone has got slander from other people. What I can do if someone else defames me is.

1. Be patient

I will be patient when I hear that slander. I don't want to be angry. Defamation should not provoke our emotions. We must remain calm and patient, especially if the slander is indeed something we cannot do.

2. Checking slander carefully

We must deal with slander carefully. Check who said and then we must look for evidence and witnesses that we did not do such slander.

3. Pray for the slander

After we check the slander is not true, maybe the person we need to pray for is opened to his heart or at least do not do slander again to other people.