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Are you the type that is difficult be loved by someone or you difficult to love someone?

 I guess I belong to the first category. Even though I am not a total hermit, I may be quite antisocial at times and when it comes to working as a partner some of my personality traits and probably some genetic snags do not make me the easiest guy to get along with.

I tend to go against things most people agree with

That alone irritates any partner. Even though I do my best to respct others' views and respect people's opinion to the point that I am always the first to give up an argument if that means avoiding a fight, I tend to be perceived as arrogant, pesimistic, or even indifferent to people's dramas.

In love relationships I can be very introvertive and not very communicative. That is a big problem with most women. I am just not very good at casual conversation. I spend too much time reading (for my culture's standards). For me that tme is barely the time I need to remind my brain that it is alive and capable of critical thinking. Most people I know do not like to read. That different alone cna be a big obstacle at the time of being loved.

In a culture that tends to be very sociable and spontaneous, where people like to drop by without previous notice and where most discussions go around politics, religion or sports, it is very hard for an introvert to be liked. I do not know many women in my culture who are atheist, for instance, let alone women who could not care less about what people think about them in terms of physical appearance, fashion choices, consumerism, senseless celebrations, or social interaction.

To hold those views is obviously going to make me into a hard-to-love person


can I say, I am both. Neither I fall in love very easily nor I make myself an easy target. 

There are many people I cared for. But before I fall in love with someone or start to take care of them, I first used to calculate what is going to happen to my feeling and emotions later if the person betray me. This is like a general math for me in my life in terms of choosing my life partner or a friend. 

And on the other hand I am also not a person who easily shows affection or shows the reflection of others emotions. So people used to see me a hard fellow to be loved. From the school life I followed this rule and can avoid all the unnecessary distraction of my mates. That's what I believe. 

I do not show much my love and emotion to somebody, so people including my mother thought that I am not a person to be loved compared with others. And as I used to say the truth in a strait way, so people generally used to keep distence from me. 

I don't know how you are gonna accept these facts, but this this the behavioural characteristics of me.  


Because of my past relationships i am now finding it very difficult to actually love someone because those that i loved in the past actually betrayed me and now i am scared to love again....

Yeah i am not someone that naturally finds it difficult to love a person but conditions and situations and experiences which i went through made me to become who i am in terms of relationship and love.....

I am working on how i would be able to free my mind from my pasts and be willing to give love a chance again....


As long as love is concern,the word " difficulty" doesn't exist for me.

I can love whenever and whoever my heart chooses for me, I don't allow anything to hinder me or prevent me from loving someone. This is how God created me, to live a free and simple life.

I know some person's finds it difficult at times to love, this is because they hold on to their past, they are afraid of the unknown such as heartbreaks and so on; but its wrong,

Feel free to start again. It's not bad to have a second chance. Give love a chance.

I don't also find it difficult to be loved too, when you love, you definitely find love. I find love, because I open my heart for love to come in. Love attracts love.



There is a difference between the word like and love. I am a fun loving person so as such I am fun to be with. I am not harsh or a snub so it won't be difficult for me to be loved by someone.

When it comes to the issue of loving. I am always really careful. I like everyone around me. But talking about loving like fall in love, I do take time to study the person whom I want to be my lover. I study the person because I want to know more about her. I also want to know if the love is pretence or it is real.

I also put the girl into some trials so as to be really sure I am loved by her. I never regret what happened in my previous relationships as I take it to be fate. When I love a girl I gave to examine the girl in many ways to be sure she loves me in return.

I am not difficult to be loved, and also I don't find it difficult to love someone. I only take time to love with all my heart.