How to create quality questions, and interesting to answer?

If you are asking a question from real life use case then that question will be of good quality by default. If you are trying to stress your head and brain to fabricate a question then most of the time you will end up with dilemma and even if you get a question that will be like a casual one and not a thought provoking one. In the same line if the question will be from real life use case and asked from the practical experience of your activity, the answer will also be interesting and the subject will be appropriately and qualitatively responded by users.

So it is up to you to make it either synthetic or organic. The organic question will always be generic in its quality. Synthetic question is just like a garbage in question and answer platform. That does not contribute to the value addition either. 

You might have searched a question on google and you might have got so many option of answers in the result page. If you through that you can find that answer. That indicates that the same question has been asked by someone else before. So you did not ask that question in any forum, still you can find that question and the answer too. Why? Because that is related to real life use case. Such questions will be searched by many people because that is a real question as many people in their practical life might be going through similar situation. We need those real life use case question more than often. That will make this eco system better when people will start searching in google and finding that answer without asking that question to any one or to any question and answer platform.

I am not saying that you should ask only that type of question rather my point of discussion is that the question should as natural as you ask someone in your family or to your friend or to your teacher, where you do not pretend to be fabricating a question, rather you ask the thought provoking questions & out of your curiosity. In this musing platform we just need that spirit, if that happens, then this ecosystem will grow beautifully. 


Firstly I will like to talk about the questions,

A great quality questions must not be a copy paste question either that have been answered before on this musing. A great quality questions is the question that is capable of getting more engagement or response on the questions. The question must be well punctuated and the grammer or let me say the vocabulary must be as simple as possible for the the person answering the question to understand the question. The question if necessary should carry some little explanation about the question, it must also be used with well corrected tags. You can not be asking a question based on politics and you should be using love or entertainment. It must carry the well appropriate tags also.

Now back to the answers, the answers must be well explained and simple for the questioner to easily understand what you are trying to say or how you are trying to answer his or her questions. It must not necessary be long because there are some people on this musing who necessary prolong answers so as to be long. The answers must be well punctuated also with good vocabulary and well paragraphed also. The answers must be able to answer the question been asked at least 85%. And lastly, the answers must not be a copy paste answers as it will not be allowed.



Many of us really need to understand the fact the term "quality" could be subjective...what a particular individual actually considers as a quality question might not be what someone else would term as being a quality question...same goes for answers too...

That is why musing curators also have a curation guideline which they follow as a way to determine their own opinion of what a quality question should comprise of....

I believe the best way to create quality question is by not "looking for how you can create quality question"....ask a question which is meaningful because you want to get answers to those questions because you sincerely want to seek knowledge concerning the topic which your question is about....and not for the sake of spamming......

When you ask a question,you need to understand that different people might have different perception towards your question..some people might find your question interesting and of good quality while others might find that same question to be a meaningless question......


Creating quality questions will be trying to ask a question from an individual's point of view. See to how you and others can benefit if the question is being answered. Look into how you can ask a question that affects an individual's daily life.

Such a question will be interesting to answer as it touches one's daily life and activity.


Ask something controversial, inspirational and original.


Ask If you genuinely have a question and you can't find answer to it anywhere.

Most of questions asked here on musing can be answered by Google search.

You can also ask opinion based questions as everyone have different opinions.

Regarding quality answer, it should be short and to the point explanation. I saw some users here who make unnecessarily long answers.