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Is dApps steem as good as an smart contract Ethereum?

I think, from both dApps it has its own advantages. Blockchain steem is faster and there is no shipping fee except if we remove it from the market.

Some people argue, the lack of blockchain steem when it cannot send tokens between markets. We must enter it into our Steem account first, if we want to bring it to another market.

Some people are of the opinion, precisely this is certainly an advantage possessed by Steem because of the level of security in transactions.

But, I prefer steem because of the extraordinary cost and speed.

Thank you for the question. Greetings


Why not? Any contract that is immutable to compromise is smart enough to be executed on the blockchain.

Arrival of SMT will usher in creation of smart contract just like we have on ethereum network.

What is good on Ethereum will be done here, even faster.


@Ijoel, In my opinion it will going to prove more effective than that because in my opinion if we look towards the Steem Blockchain, then it's not just an Blockchain but on this Blockchain we have Decentralised Social Media Network where people from all Niches participating and collaborating. And SMT will bring the growth, so in my opinion Steem will bring out the new example. Stay blessed. 🙂