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Why is China currently using Wechatpay and Alipay to process employee salaries?

This is the faster method in paying employees. It saves lots of time and effort that is used to count physical cash. Imagine big companies that have 1000 employees or more would take many many months to just count and make sure that their salaries are correctly counted.. China has moved to a cashless society where almost all merchants and vendors or even small stalls accept alipay or wechatpay. Imagine getting paid in cash then the employee has to get to an atm machine to deposit the dash into their bank account and then queue up drive there. Lost of time.. It could be better utilized. Then imagine if every employee collected cash. Just collecting cash would cause a great stir of distraction that would have been prevented. There won't be a leak in the range of salary which would cause alot of unhappiness in the company.

Paying employees on time is something of a plus to many who work. Imagine getting the salary delayed due to slowness of salary that goes into the account because the employer needs to count the cash slowly. This is something that can cause anger.

Cashless Ness is the new method of payment in the world now and it would be beneficial to at least be up to date. Companies who do not follow suit may not only lose their employees to more competitive companies but completely fall out.