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Can you explain the attitude of people in panic?

Panic is a sudden and uncontrollable fear or anxiety which often causes wild and uncanny behaviors.

I was once in for an interview. It was supposed to be a computer based interview but when we got there, we were told that it has been changed to a presentation like interview.

This meant that, we would have to answer some questions in the presence of other participants (those who had presented a week before). It was a large crowd and I immediately started fidgeting. First, I am not so good in crowd. I also a very shy person so speaking unexpectedly in the presence of so many people made me all jittery.

I had a panic attack.

When you panic, you exhibit fear. I was so scared that I was visibly shaky. It was as though I caught a cold whereas I was pretty fine.

I remembered going into the Hall and my hands were shaky. My heart beating faster than normal and as I began speaking, I realized I was stuttering.

I had cold feet, sweaty palms, even though it was all cold inside.

I couldn't give a proper presentation. I flopped completely.

And although, that was a sad experience, I am currently working on myself to become a better person.


When a person is being hit by panic, his heart also feels a great deal of anxiety because he is experiencing a big problem, so panic arises in a person. Panic will arise if we are or will face a big problem where the problem feels a bit difficult for us to face, so there is a huge panic in someone.

Usually when the person is panicking, he will live his life unconsciously due to a very big problem. When he is very panicked, he usually can do anything he can't do when he is normal or without problems like he can jump the fence, jump the river and face whatever is in front of him.

He was not aware of doing something that was impossible to do because he was being hit by panic, after his panic disappeared he realized that he had done something he could not possibly do when he was not panic or there was no big problem. When a person who is panicking because of doing something forbidden he will be caught because of the nature and attitude that is definitely nervous.


People experiencing a panic attack usually act irrationally from fear making the problem/s bigger than it really is sort of like the proverbial Elephant afraid of the mice.