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Does Masturbation have implications for premature ejaculation?

Masturbation may help resolve premature ejaculation. We know that premature ejaculation consists of ejaculating before the desired moment, due to lack of control in the ejaculatory impulse. 

According to studies, masturbating frequently could favor a greater knowledge of our body. Knowing which are our most erogenous and sensitive zones, the rhythm or movement that can cause us more pleasure, is extremely beneficial. In this sense, masturbation could lead to greater control of movements and resistance, which will result in optimal performance in sexual relations. Therefore, masturbation accompanied by an effective medical treatment can be beneficial in the solution of premature ejaculation. In addition, it brings relaxation and pleasure. 

It is recommended, for example, that a person who suffers from premature ejaculation and knows that he will have sexual relations with his partner, masturbate before the encounter, in this way he will be more relaxed and less "charged" at the time of the relationship. 

Similarly, masturbation makes a person less stressed and able to function effectively in bed, which your partner will surely appreciate!

In the 21st century, masturbation can no longer be seen as a taboo or something sinful. Masturbation is a natural, pleasant and even healthy practice for women and men.