How do you make your partner orgasm?

This is a very tough and personal question. What makes one partner orgasm may be very different from what will make another partner orgasm. Humans are very much different from how they respond to sexual stimuli and each individual have different sexual soft spot.

Thus, if you're looking for a way to make your partner orgasm, she is the right person to ask such question. Find your partner sexual soft spot and how and where she likes to be touched and treat her accordingly. Learn to listen to the responses of your partner during love making and you will get the message of what will make her orgasm


I believe by "make your partner orgasm" you are talking about helping your woman have orgasm.

You can't make a woman reach orgasm but you can give her all the necessary help to attain it. Though the readiness has to come from her. Most of the sex positions are to give the "dominant" man the pleasure he wants, to reach his own orgasm and make procreation which seems to be 'natural' purpose of sex possible.

These sex positions are always leaving one thing out, there is always no much contacts with the clitoris which is the most sensual part of the woman's body that is crucial to them reaching orgasm. These sex positions ensure penetrations and deep thrust to accentuate man's pleasure and make him ejaculate.

The key to orgasm is a whole lot of foreplay especially those that focuses on the clictoris before thrusting. The men's motivation is always down if not totally gone as soon as their 10 second orgasm ends. It is important to concentrate on the woman to make sure she get some before going for your orgasm.

All the best.


Enjoying sex, that's what I have to do, women have longer orgasms than men, that's the thing that must be understood, as men we must be able to play sex rhythms, unable to impose will, remember, gentle woman, she feels love and affection when having sex. In contrast to men who prioritize sexual appetite, as if impatient in acting to be quickly completed. Unlike women, he wants to enjoy sex in every moment that is being experienced, this is what we must pay attention to, foreplay is one of the best solutions to satisfy partner sex, hold and control your own desires, satisfy your partner first, he will give you the satisfaction you want afterwards .