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How do you make yourself to be yourself, not someone else?

I tell myself and people who care to listen at times, "you can be who you want to be". 

You are the best version of yourself, any other "you" is a counterfeit. Trying to be someone else is insulting yourself. It means you feel incapable, less loved, less beautiful or less whatever you see in the other person you are trying to be.

It is good to have role models, who you look up to, but never should you look down on yourself because you feel they are better than you. 

You are the best.

You are different.

You are unique.

And there is no one better than you, you just have to believe that.

Now, to make yourself to be yourself and not someone else, according to your question, you need to engage in rigorous positive affirmations.

Meditate on the positive things about yourself.

Shun every negative word that tries to spring up.

Use the negativity to build on yourself and tell yourself that, you probably have this or that negative side because you have a mission to help others like you.

There is a place for you at the top and you have to be willing to get there. Be willing to fight. Say NO to negativity and YES to positivity. Don't let anything weigh you down. Stop looking down on yourself and anytime negativity knocks at the door of your heart, send positivity to go open the door and you will see it disappear.

Remember, darkness cannot stand when light enters a place. You are the light. Go forth and shine.

Cheers, JI.


Tough question. When I feel like I am not becoming myself anymore and I am drifting away to who I really am, I do the following:

  • Take some time away from your busy schedule. By this, I mean spend some time alone. Contemplate about yourself. You can do this, by walking in the park alone, spending your weekend alone, anything as long as it makes you comfortable. Try to step away from the world of technology and detach from everything that keeps your mind busy. Breathe and think about the things what makes you "You".
  • Meditate. I think the best way to reconnecting to yourself is through meditation. If you are not familiar with it, there are lots of guided meditations you can listen to in the internet or if you have the time, try to enroll yourself to a meditation group in your area.
  • Talk to yourself. By this, I mean you can write on a journal what you truly feel. I suggest keeping a notebook always where you can write your thoughts. This will make you feel more connected because you can speak your inner thoughts to yourself and it will help you get to know yourself even better. In connection to that, you can write a letter to yourself that you can read in the future. This well help you look back and know who you really are in the past and you can make connections with yourself in the future.
  • Pray. If you believe in God, pray and seek guidance. When things go rough and you feel overwhelmed, read the bible and talk to our Lord. You can find peace through talking to Him. You can skip this step if you ought to.

I think reconnecting to one's self is very important in order for you to know and discover who you really are. Spend some time with yourself and do the things which make you feel "you" as long as it does not hurt you or others. I hope my answer helps!


Some of us would take "be yourself" as a restriction to a person's personal growth and development. As a human being, we are naturally inclined to be inspired by others who are deemed by the majority as a successful person. 

That being said, it should come to a point that we loose our personality by following the footsteps of others. Since, we as humans are also gifted with "freedom" to explore and be creative, we shouldn't be linearly taking other's footsteps and making it our own. We can deviate and go to the sidelines and assimilate all our learning along the way and be successful at our own right.

So to reiterate, we can look-up to someone's greatness but we shouldn't blindly follow a person because of his success in life, we should pursue our own path while bearing someone's principles as an inspiration to guide us on our way.


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This is interesting question. I have read about this before when i was in my collage. I learn about psychology. The important thing that we need to know that we are human. Human is something special in this world. We can feel and thinking.

The first one is. We have ear to hear. we have eye to look. and we have mouth to speak and the last we have memory to look back. These all is something important to us.

When we hear the information, we must be understand about that. and dont forget to look what the information must be. if we understand about all the information then we speak about that because we have listened and looked. 

That all called perspective. So we have our perspective to understanding the information. 

So in my opinion. All human can be his self if he hear,look, and understanding the about something. The memorize will decide what is right and what is wrong.


Usually it would work the other way around.

You are yourself but you try acting like some other person that you believe would be successful, popular, attractive.

But I think I understand what you are trying to convey.

How to break out off of the cycle of trying to appeal to others, is what you're asking.

You're used to saying things the others wanna hear.

You're afraid to speak your mind.

What if they don't like what you say and you face Social ostracism.

You don't have to go a full 180.

Change one thing about yourself at a time. Starting with the one you're afraid of letting go the least.

Work your confidence up and when ready,

You will be the full yourself.

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You have to listen to your conscious, that's what you have to live with for the rest of your life. Try to be someone else and see what it feels like. Then be yourself and compare the two experience. 

I'd rather be myself and feel comfortable than to pretend I'm someone that I'm not and feel miserable just to try to be liked. It's not easy at the beginning, because we all want to be liked but you have to try to be liked for what you are. 

Try to find people with similar interest and avoid fake people. I prefer to have just a few friends who accept me for that I am. 


I normally compare myself to the people around me thinking they are really great. I sometimes envy them, but I have come to realize that I neglected myself. I have abandoned what I have and never realize that I am best. I am best in the eyes of others when I can't see myself in my best.

One day, I came to realize that I should never be insecure to someone because I might not know that someone is insecure of me too XD. Kidding, I just realize how I am capable with a lot of things in life. For me, the best thing that I love about myself is the ability to turn the table. Even though I am faced with a difficult situation, I'm still positive that its a small problem to bear. 

I can't believe I had done those things in life and I can't believe that I have that ability to surpass those challenges. I have seen the best in me and I'm confident that I will do great in life with faith and guidance to the Lord.


A lot of people follow others because they aspire to have things others have. It is dangerous to do as you will never be yourself.

I follow my own path and have very rarely copied anyone. I think it is important for your own good to be truthful to you as a person. When I say I have copied someone it was following the advice on a business deal and went against my better judgement.

I will always be truthful to myself and do things my way. This is what makes me happy and understand life. I would hate to try and be someone I am not and just don't see the point really. People who know me love me for who I am. We all have faults and try and improve on them, but that is about being real.

I am as real as they come and I think it benefits me more. Being the genuine person in the room can make you stand out from the crowd, but I have learnt to live with it. I think I am the most confident person I know as I have never changed my outlook on life. I will always strive to be the best and do good by everyone I know.


Do what you think is good and right without having to follow other people, many of us may feel trending followers is a necessity, I do not know whether it is a part of lack of self-confidence or indeed has become a common thing in someone's life.

I choose to be myself, I prefer people to see me as myself, without being someone else, of course there is a satisfaction that we get when what we say from within us becomes an example for others.


I see myself differently from others, I don't compare myself to anyone or try to be what I'm not and this has been the only thing that keeps me going.

A lot of people always try to live fake lives due to what they see on social media or what their fellow peers are doing. But when you stand out of the crowd and think outside the box to find a suitable way for you to be yourself.

I always tell myself that, what works for others might not work for me that's why I try to be different and this makes me have self confidence in myself.


I’d contend that’s impossible.

“Make” implies force. If you’re YOURSELF, that’s something/someone that can’t be forced.

Rather, the matter may more likely be one of getting the bullshit fairness out of the way so that your SELF can emerge as it already is....


If I want to make myself to be myself and not someone else, I will work more on developing my potentials. It is acceptable to have role models, but the earlier we understand that we are who we are and can never be like anyone else, the better for us.

We are created in a unique way and God who created us has a purpose in our lives. Our duty is to discover that purpose and activate it. Believing that I am unique will only but make me be myself and no one else. The moment we fail to believe in our potentials that is when we start believing in someone else. I will urge everyone reading this to start believing in their self as they are a special creature.

I can make myself be myself and discovering who I am, what I am good at doing and then, make sure I put in more hard work and effort in making this skill of mine have a positive effect on humanity.

I can also make myself be myself if u have build my integrity,reputation. Amongst all, work on my self-respect and self control also.


You are you. You are yourself, and no one can replace you.

Already you are the only one of your kind. No other person is you. What really makes people desist from being themselves, and being another person is the change in character/attitude.

Changing the way they act or perceive things.

For example, I am known to always put on skirt because I don't seems to like trousers, and besides, I know it might not look good on me because of my flat buttox. But because Chloe and her friends looks good in it, I decided to start wearing it. That doesn't seems to be a good idea. I have changed from being original just because trouser looks good on Chloe and her friend. I should see myself as totally different because I already know what fits me. Changing because of something else has changed me from being myself to being someone else.

However, people change their behaviors because they want people to love them. They do things they are not used to because they want to capture someone's attention. They will have to fake their behaviour by immitating another person in other to get noticed. No matter how much this is done, you will end up as a mediocre. Being original is always the best that can not be quantified or compared with another.

I am always aware of the fact that being myself is the best option that will earn me respect in all aspect of my life.


I don't do things because others are doing it. I do it because I know it's right. I believe I have my own point of view to matters so I act accordingly without stealing others opinion.


Another way that makes it easy for me to be myself is that I trust and believe in my abilities. When you know that you are capable of doing some things, you wouldn't think of acting like someone else. Seeing myself as the only one existing in me makes me feel there is something unique about my being. Why will I want to be someone else ? What makes me want to be like someone else? What qualities does that person possess that prompt me to want to be like him? I also have the qualities and I believe that I'm capable to act without being someone else.


I charge and encourage myself with words. As far as no one can eat on my behalf, bath on my behalf, sleep on my behalf, die on my behalf then it will be so naive of me to live my life trying to be someone else.

The truth of the matter is

The moment you are trying to be like someone else, the best you can ever be is number 2. So why would I be a mediocre when I can be myself and be number 1.


@beautychicks cares.


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