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Can blokchain and dApps be said as an provider employment for all layers of the world today?

Blockchain and various dApps on the top of it provides an ecosystem where so many different types of enterprises can join the ecosystem and provide a solution & connect the crypto world with many other kind of business opportunities. From business point of view, definitely it has that potential to provide employment to many layers and sectors of the world. But this is not limited to business or employment opportunities only. Our life is also not confined to employment only. That is one of part of it for sure and blockchain will address many dimension of human life and societies which a normal human being come across on daily basis.

With that said, the blockchain world and the various dApps aims to provide a solution which the traditional model did not provide or failed significantly until now. To count few of them includes transparency, security, third party interference, possible hacking of centralized websites etc. That state of problem is now being mitigated with blockchain technology and that is why corporation and enterprises are willing to adopt it, subjected to compliance with some regulatory and mandatory framework as per the law of land. 

So the technology is now blockchain and the world wants to grow around this technology and want to make it feasible for every class of business and society to make the things happen in a secure, transparent way without a third party, where it will be more trustworthy, cost effective and ubiquitous.

In that sense, it will expand the business opportunities around the blockchain and various business models can grow up in the form of various dApps on the top of a blockchain technology.