Can we criticize the government and its policies that do not favor the people's welfare?

I think it is definitely possible. I'm not sure about other countries but in India we even have right to express our thoughts and views about the policies and steps taken by the government. But there are few decisions made by the Supreme court of India and that is when it becomes quite challenging to question about some decision that was already taken. Too much of opposition is also not going to really help. There are different ways to criticize the government and show our opposition. It is always advisable to go with the right way to do things. 

If we are going to do some protesting, the right way to do it is to get proper permissions and do it. I have seen many political parties showing oppositions in the form of some malpractices like taking fire bath for their leaders. This is just for the sake of publicity. We will not be able to get any fruit out of such acts but there will be severe consequences because of these type of acts. The affected family will feed the pain forever. The political party or the government is not going to help them. 

Criticism should be in a healthy way like some kind of article in a newspaper or an interview in a popular television channel. Some people even use the media platform like facebook and twitter to share their views and show their opposition towards a decision that was made by the government. This works only when the person who is protesting through social media is a popular personality. If it is for a common man, it will not even be considered. 

If welfare of the citizens are questionable, we have to definitely ask questions and show our voice. If people are already opposing the government for a cause, we have to join hands with them. There was a recent protest that happened in Tamil Nadu, India for banning a traditional sport Jallikkattu. You can read about the protest in detail from any of the online sources. It created a great impact globally and received support from so many people as the decision made by the government was affecting the culture and tradition of India. Things can be achieved only with Unity. If we are united, we will even be able to lift a mountain. 

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Of course, it's your right to criticize the government if it's not what it should be and doesn't work in favor of people, but first make sure you've done everything in your power to change something. 

We have the right to vote and out vote counts. We have to do our duty as citizens of a country and  express our will by voting who we think would be right to represent us. How many people have I seen complaining about the situation and when you ask them if they have voted, they say no, because it doesn't matter. Well, it does! 

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Certainly, we all have that right.

Unless, of course, living in a country where it is NOT allowed. In which case, the governmental policy may be out of alignment with human rights - thus, there being all the more fair reason for criticism.

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Yeah sure we as citizens should be able to criticize the government and its policies if such policies is not actually favourable for the welfare of the

citizens,criticism is necessary to make a country a better place,when the government creates good policies we should applaud them and encourage them to do

more,and if the government creates bad policies then of course we should be able to criticize them and condemn it because our welfare as a citizen is very important...