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Is it true that people marry only to preserve their offspring or satisfy only lust of sex?

Well no, it's true that some people only get married to have kids while others who aren't so smart if you ask me, only get married because of sex but there are a whole host of reasons why people get married and some of them include;

Companionship: As human beings, we all crave some form of companionship or at least someone to share our good days and bad days with. Marriage let's you be with that person in the most holy, natural and accepted way possible. For some people being with their partners in marriage is much more important than having kids.

Financial benefits: Well this one is pretty straight forward, some people get married because they want a better future financially for themselves and if when they see someone that can make that happen then it's off to the alter. Moreover as long as a prenuptial agreement isn't made before marriage then you're entitled to half of what the person incase of a divorce.

Religious reasons: Well just about every religion out there advocates for the joining in marriage of men and women and as such, as long as you're religious, you're probably going to come under pressure to find a wife or a husband. Moreover, if you do a court wedding it won't be recognised until you've followed the traditional ceremony for your religion.

Traditional reasons: Well this is alot like religious reasons except the driving force for getting married is tradition. In African tradition, you'll almost certainly be looked down on if after a certain age you haven't gotten married. To avoid this kind of stigma, people get married and satisfy all traditions and customs.

Societal pressure: Well we all know how it works, everyone around you starts getting hitched and all of a sudden your parents are nagging about how you're getting old. In order to satisfy them and be free from societal pressure, people get married.

At the end of the day, having kids is the number one reason why people get married, but it's definitely not the only reason why people do it. I don't think people marry only because of sex, but if there are people who do that then they're making really dumb decisions if you ask me.

I hope this helps.


Marriage is like an union of two people as partners in a personal relationship, a social institution to nourish norms and values. It is a great thing I believe. This is what create bonds between our society. 

Marriage have a direct link with our future breeding and satisfy our lust of sex. It is the more proven way to do so. But I believe this is not all about marriage. People does not only marry because of this two. 

There are alternatives to get your offspring and satisfy your sexual needs. You don't have to marry someone to do so. 

Marriage comes with many responsibilities. So if you are only looking for breeding and lusting your sexual need then in any point you will find it unnecessary and useless to be in such big responsibilities. 

1. Marriage is what gives you public declaration about your love life. And as we are living in a society where a married person is more valued than a non married one when it comes on sex and making offspring. So people choose to marry.

2. It is like a security bond for couples, a security of love and belongingness.

3. People love to get attached with men and women who interests them. They like to be with them, have kids with them. It is like a team playing. 

4. Marriage is what makes us more mature and stable in nature. People want to relax and have a family in a certain point of their life.

5. Yeah it also have some financial and other benefits. You will get love and caring for like free. And you will feel the feeling on caring when you bond in a married relationship more.

We have a stereotype understanding about married people that they have boring sex lives, research has shown that they actually get it their own way more than single people. So yes it has a sexual value and surely the offspring issues. But it is more likely getting love, care and mental security.

Only those two things can not force a person to be married for long. And as people get many more advantages from marriage other than that so they still believe in a marriage and believe in living a family life. 

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To me, the both go hand in hand. I actually have three reason why I want to get married. The first one is that I want to get married so I can preserve my offspring and make sure my lineage is multiplied.

Secondly, I want to get married so I can have a companion, someone to call my best friend. Someone who will always stand by me no matter the situation. Someone whom I can always call my confidant. Remember 'A tree can not stand alone to make up a forest'.

The third reason why I want to get married is to satisfy my sexual urge legally. I hope you know having sex outside wedlock is illegal so when we get married we officially have gotten the licence to have sex anytime and anywhere. When I said anywhere, I didn't mean anywhere. Lol

Thanks for your wonderful question.


"Lust of sex" is not the reason for getting married, one could have sex without getting married ... why spend a lot of money the marriage and also take the burden of a huge responsibility. 

In my opinion, the reason for getting married is mainly children or the next generation.

There is a difference in "Need of Sex" and "Lust of Sex". "Need for Sex" can be controlled, while against the "Lust of Sex". a person could find them uncontrollable. So, in the societies, where sex is not allowed before marriages, "Need for Sex" could be a reason to get married.


Well, to some people these might be right. People marry for a lot of reasons. For, some it is for companionship, for some it is to multiply their lineage.. For some people that are restrained from sexual activity till marriage, they could rush into marriage for lust. It all depends on the individual needs..


Of  course not. You can satisfy your lust for sex even if you are single. Finding sex is much easier nowadays than it was 50 years ago. Marriage is a whole different case. 

I like to see it as something holy. you are supposed to see a common future with that person. You believe that he / she is the right man / woman to be a father / mother.

Often sex is secondary in a marriage. Failed marriage I would say but it happens. People sacrifice their lusts for the family


Marriage is simply a social construct, to legitimize a relationship between two people. It was needed to ensure the longevity of the relationship and to reduce the risk of men leaving their partners and kids in the middle of a relationship. Also great importance was placed around it to make breaking a marriage a stigma and also difficult.

I think people do want to be in relationships because of their need for companionship but the reason why people marry is to celebrate their union, make it more binding and because they are following a historical social construct. There is a trend in developed countries where people are in live in relationships forever, have and raise kids so marriage isn't means to that end. Lust is hardly the reason.


Only at places where sex is restrained thing until one gets married.

For offspring thing, yes I agree, men want their lineage to continue and women want strong men to breed with.


I think I would go with neither of those choices. I married my wife because I loved her. Children are a side effect of that love. I still love my wife I still love my children. I think people look at marriage as something that it's really not. I wish the government didn't even get involved in marriage. I think two people love each other should be able to get married and that's their bond and it shouldn't require a government seal of approval.